Soleil Kréyol

French Multi-Instrumentalist David Walters Releases Album Tribute To Worldwide Creole Culture

Good things take time, goes a common expression that, in the case of Marseille-based multi-instrumentalist, DJ, singer/songwriter and producer David Walters, rings true. The co-founder of early 2000s Bordeaux collective Zimpala has been involved in multiple projects over the past two decades and spent the past five years globetrotting, meeting "the gatekeepers to the musical hearts of Africa, South America & Asia" as part of the French TV show "Les Nouveaux [...]

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Rise & Shine

Frankfurt's Spectacular Piano & Drum Duo The OHOHOHs Perform Live On German Public Television

While we haven't gotten around to formally introducing them to you, a look at our artist section will reveal Frankfurt-based two-piece The OhOhOhs, aka pianist Florian Waeldele and drummer Florian Dressler. The two music enthusiasts and perfectionists met at a young age and have since been inseparable. Together they create a remarkable range of sounds, music they compose or re-arrange for theatre plays, soundtracks, clubs and even festival stages (e.g. [...]

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Platanito / Guacuco

Music With Soul Records Founder Alex Figueira Releases First Work Under Own Name

Released in August 2019 in a limited edition of 250, Music With Soul Records' founder Alex Figueira's scorching 7" sold out in a jiffy and recently received a repress. This may not come as a surprise to those who've meanwhile given the two tracks a spin and thus revealed their undeniable dancefloor potential. Never mind the genre, the people love it and so do we. 

Side A opens up with a driving, funktified bassline, vicious, snaking grooves and superb drum [...]

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Madrid's Vampisoul Reissues Highly Sought-After Album From Peruvian MAG Label Catalogue

Musically speaking, 2020 is off to a very good start, as we continue to browse and select extraordinary releases from around the world for your listening pleasure. Just last week, the well-respected Madrid-based label Vampisoul (from the Munster Records family, whom you may remember from our piece on Los Saicos' "Demolición") reissued "one of the most sought-after titles from the catalogue of Peruvian label MAG," aka Sonora Casino's album "[...]

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Music From Saharan WhatsApp

Sahel Sounds Releases First EP Of New Monthly Music Series From West African Sahel

Christopher Kirkley's Sahel Sounds imprint (Mdou Moctar, Les Filles de Illighadad, Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla) jumpstarts 2020 with its catchy new "Music from Saharan WhatsApp" series: "Every month, we'll be releasing an EP from a musical group in the Sahel. Every album will be recorded on a cellphone, and transmitted over WhatsApp, and uploaded to Bandcamp - where it will live for one month only. Available for pay as you want, 100% of the sales will go directly to [...]

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Under The Sun

Athens’ Afrodyssey Orchestra Embarks On Another Cross-Continental Journey

Not too long ago, we made a surprise discovery at a Berlin independent vinyl market and decided to take the record home with us, if only for the beautiful, die-cut artwork and foldout sleeve. Let's just say that our initial hunch was instantly rewarded and the record remains among our prized possessions. Said album was the Afrodyssey Orchestra's "In the Land of Aou Tila", a seven-track experimental and instrumental advance towards the "remote banks of a West [...]

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Cuatro Suyos

Berlin-Based Label Eck Echo Releases DJ-Friendly Peruvian Four-Tracker
GreedyforBestMusic-Eck-Echo-Cuatro-Suyos-Various Artists-Bandcamp

All good things come in fours, innit? Berlin-based Eck Echo imprint closed out 2019 with its second vinyl release "Cuatro Suyos", a DJ-friendly EP featuring four Peruvian artists on the move: "The 'Suyos' were the four regional divisions of the Peruvian society that ruled over a large portion of South America before their encounter with Europeans, which completely transformed history in 1532. You had the 'Collasuyo' or 'the region of the Llama' in the South [...]

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Kenyan/German Duo Odd Okoddo Release Stunning Collaborative Album

While we're at it, here's another release from 2019 that we really felt, but didn't get around to covering. Put out on the wonderful Pingipung imprint (see also Anadol's "Uzun Havalar", Cosima's "Ploaia") back in October, "Auma" is a stunning collaborative project between the multi-talented Hamburg-based percussionist and producer Sven Kacirek – whom you may remember from his ear-opening "Kenya Sessions" (2011) – and Kenyan musician Olith Ratego, hailing [...]

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Analog Africa Readies Fantastic Compilation Of Somalian Tunes From 1974-1991
GreedyforBestMusic-Mogadisco-Dancing Mogadishu-Somalia-1972-1991-Analog-Africa-Bandcamp

Let us now travel back in time, metaphorically speaking of course. At the tail end of 2016, Analog Africa's Samy Ben Redjeb arrived in Somalia's capital city of Mogadishu and "began rifling through piles of cassettes and listening to reel-to-reel tapes in the dusty archives of Radio Mogadishu, looking for music that 'swam against the current'." It was there that he discovered a pile of unmarked recordings that apparently nobody had bothered to mess with. The [...]

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From Budapest To Berlin With Influences From Africa And Brazil, Don't Sleep On Àbáse

While looking forward to all the new music of 2020, this 2019 release most definitely deserves a special mention: Budapest-born and Berlin-based keyboarder and producer Szabolcs Bognár, aka Àbáse, dropped his astonishing debut on Cosmic Compositions back in May and went on to make several 'best of' lists. And even though we overlooked the initial release, we are now looking to make things right, by making "Invocation" one of our first picks for the new [...]

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Kyoto's Prog Pop Duo Viva Sherry Revs Engines With Eclectic Six-Tracker

We are back, alive and almost kicking. It's been some two weeks since our last post here, which we spent resting up, eating and enjoying some time-off with our loved ones. That being said, 2020 is well upon us, so here's wishing you a happy, healthy and peaceful new year. Let's see what this decade has in hold for us. 

To get things rolling, we decided to share this blaring prog pop six-tracker with you, released late last October on London-based experimental [...]

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Live Goes On

The Jewish Monkeys Release "Catastrophic Life" On Vinyl & Announce New Shows For 2020

Following the release of their third album "Catastrophic Life", these past weeks have been positively hectic for our dear Jewish Monkeys. First, they embarked on a quick tour of Germany, the Czech Republic, France and Israel. Just ahead of their show at Paris' La Bellevilloise, French daily Libé/Libération wrote a short piece on them, which you can revisit here (if you are proficient in French). The article includes a charming quote by Omer Hershman, who [...]

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