Songs For Broken Ships

Bangalore's MD Pallavi Joins Forces W/ Hamburg's Andi Otto For Alluring Debut LP On Pingipung

There are moments in life that simply pass us by and others that stay with us forever, glimpses of happiness, more often than not in combination with a song. For instance, I quite vividly remember a moment back in 2016, sitting passenger side in my best friend's Renault Grand Scenic travelling the wooded outskirts of Berlin and streaming a mix on Soundcloud, when a track came on that had us both bedazzled. That track turned out to be "Bangalore Whispers", a [...]

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NYC-Based Trio Loboko Drops Two Ebullient Congolese Compositions On Names You Can Trust

Who turned up the heat?! It's like we blinked and the summer season is upon us. In search of upbeat tunes to match our lifted spirits, we could hardly overlook this ebullient debut two-track release by NYC-based three-piece Loboko on Names You Can Trust. The band features young Congolese singer and guitar virtuoso Yohni Djungu Sungu, playing alongside legendary fellow Congolese master bassist and vocalist Ngouma Lokito (of Soukous Stars fame) and, last but not [...]

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Bamako-Based 'Gao Rap' Producer Babsy Konate Drops Versatile Debut Solo Album On Sahel Sounds

Who would've thought that autotune could sound this good? While browsing our personal list of potential current releases to review, we stumbled upon the extraordinary artwork gracing Babsy Konate's new ten-tracker on Sahel Sounds and had to know more. According to the release notes, Baba "Babsy" Konate is a DIY producer hailing from the north-eastern Malian city of Gao, situated on the edge of the Saharan desert, who is at the forefront of Gao rap, "a regional [...]

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Sonido Lava

Berlin Tropical Bass Pioneer Daniel Haaksman Returns With A Piping Hot New Longplayer

Berlin-based tropical bass pioneer, global bass connoisseur, Man Recordings label founder, DJ, producer, journalist and broadcaster Daniel Haaksman is no stranger to our humble editorial undertaking, starting with his 2016-released "African Fabrics" LP, blending traditional African genres with bass music styles from the northern hemisphere. Known for bringing Brazilian baile funk sounds to the Berlin club circuit in the early 2000s, Haaksman has always had an [...]

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Fiesta En La Jungla

Newly Formed Imprint Ritmo Del Barrio Reissues 1982 Amazonian Cumbia LP By Los Dexter's De Uchiza

Nothing lasts forever and change is a given. True, true. But some things are made to outlast the fickleness of time and carry the torch for generations to come. As its first LP release, the newly formed London-based imprint Ritmo del Barrio recently reissued the originally 1982-released psychedelic cumbia album "Fiesta en la Jungla" by Los Dexter's de Uchiza. The ten-track record is remarkable on so many levels, be it in terms of its place in the history of [...]

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Brazilian Jazz Fusion Trio Caixa Cubo Shares Well-Grounded New Album On Jazz & Milk

In music, more often than not, it is about bringing the 'right' elements together in harmony to create something of wider appeal. And while the 'right' seems counterintuitive in terms of creative freedom or the jazz mindset, you just know it, when you hear it. Such is the case with distinguished contemporary Brazilian jazz trio Caixa Cubo, alias Henrique Gomide on piano, rhodes and synthesizer, João Fideles on drums and Noa Stroeter on bass and electric bass. [...]

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Sad Nile

Berlin's The Polyversal Souls Revisit Their Back Catalogue On Groove-Ridden Two-Tracker

Sometimes things do not go as planned. We were actually going to send you off into the weekend with a brand-new instalment of Jean Trouillet's far-reaching Globalwize format. However, we encountered some licensing restrictions on Mixcloud and could not upload the show. Instead, here's a recent 7" release on Philophon by label head Max Weissenfeldt's Berlin-based outfit The Polyversal Souls

The band had dropped its dynamic debut album "Invisible Joy" back in [...]

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Music With Soul Mastermind Alex Figueira Drops Irresistibly Delirious First Solo Album

News these days has pretty much everyone going mental, that is if your soul has not been robbed of its capacity to feel any sort of empathy. Music With Soul mastermind, tropical innovator and one-man-band Alex Figueira (Conjunto Papa Upa, Lola's Dice, Fumaça Preta, Vintage Voudou) was not spared the psychophysical effects of a looming Armageddon, and in 2022, after two years of pandemania, found himself down to his last penny and on the verge of losing [...]

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Brazzaville's Les Mamans Du Congo & French Producer Rrobin Return With Powerful Four-Tracker

Released at the tail end of 2020 was the remarkable self-titled, afro-futurist debut album by French electronic producer Rrobin and Brazzaville's afro-feminist collective Les Mamans du Congo, led by the charismatic chanteuse and percussionist Gladys Samba. The nine-track longplayer absolutely blew our minds and remains one of our personal favourite examples of transcultural collaboration done well. Combining 'age-old Bantu lullabies performed on common [...]

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Pioneering Berlin Electronic Avant-Jazz Trio KUF Drops Dazzling Fourth Album On Macro

It was a long train ride home after an even longer night of merrymaking back in 2016. I had recently downloaded the digital version of KUF's debut album "Gold" to my notebook and decided to give it a spin. Moments later, headphones on, I was overwhelmed by this novel, vocal-led, highly emotive wall of sound. Mind racing, dopamine flowing, tears streaming down my cheeks, something had struck a nerve and the pioneering Berlin trio had made a new fan. Fast forward [...]

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French Duo Ireke Explores All Grooves Tropical On Exuberant Debut Full-Length

Spring has sprung in the Northern Hemisphere and that solar energy we've been missing for the past months is slowly making its return. Accompanying the equinox is the debut album by French duo Ireke. Having honed their individual talents in various roles and outfits, the two multi-instrumentalists and arrangers Damien Tesson and Julien Gervaix first crossed paths in a group called Playtime and eventually decided to join forces to explore common ground: "We [...]

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Veteran Austrian Producer URBS Returns To His Downbeat Roots On Impressionistic New LP

If you were around in the mid-to-late 90s, early 00s and onward and caught a whiff of the downtempo stew brewing on the Austrian underground circuit – spearheaded by the globally acclaimed duo of Kruder & Dorfmeister – then the name URBS [of URBS'n'Chaoz and later URBS & Cutex fame] should ring a bell. Likewise, if 'headz' is a genre you can relate to, you will be as excited as we were to hear that the veteran Austrian producer and musician is back with a [...]

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