Hungarian Multi-Instrumentalist & Producer Àbáse Releases Polyrhythmic Debut Full-Length On Oshu Records

There's no doubt in our minds that the Berlin-based Hungarian producer and multi-instrumentalist Szabolcs Bognár, better known as Àbáse, is at the top of his class. We had an inkling when we first reviewed his 2019-released debut EP "Invocation" (HHV / Cosmic Compositions) and later rejoiced at the second serving "Yoru / Eko", two equally remarkable outtakes from the EP's recording session. Earlier this year, he collaborated with Zeitgeist Freedom Energy [...]

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Life Is Dead

French 'Tropical Garage Rock' Outfit Cannibale Releases Third Album On Born Bad Records

No idea what's up with all these owls, but this is the second LP we're posting in a span of two months that features an owl on its cover (see also Monsieur Doumani's "Pissourin"). And thus we travel from sunny Cyprus to the supposedly not as sunny town of L'Aigle in Normandy, home to Cannibale, who just released their third album on Born Bad Records today. The five-piece outfit produces an irresistible blend of "exotic rock", combining sounds from the [...]

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The Lost Tapes

Luo Traditions Meet Electronic Experimentation As The Owiny Sigoma Band Presents Its Fourth Exploratory Album

Six years have passed, since the cross-cultural and cross-generational Owiny Sigoma Band released its thrilling third album "Nyanza" on Brownswood Recordings, presenting a collaborative project rooted in cultural exchange: "A coming together of traditional East African musical philosophies and a more electronically-inclined London sensibility," the release notes describe, a sound marked by "intricate percussive frameworks"  and "impressive musical chemistry."  [...]

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Acoustic Appeal

Tel Aviv's Jewish Monkeys Return To Germany To Stage A Three-Stop Unplugged Session in Frankfurt, Dresden And Berlin

Believe it or not, our very own Jewish Monkeys are back for more. After a long, forced hiatus – a common side-effect of the global pandemic – the raucous Tel Aviv outfit has just announced a quick visit to Germany, including three live shows, strictly unplugged!

On the heels of their latest album release arriving at the tail end of 2019, the group had scheduled an extended "Catastrophic Life" tour that tragically fell short due to international lockdown [...]

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Yn Rio

Carwyn Ellis Delivers 3rd Album Of Welsh Tropicalia Performed W/ The BBC National Orchestra Of Wales

There are certain albums that are so good, they're impossible to pass up. But then life happens and other releases pop up and, well, time. So when the opportunity recently presented itself, to review the latest album by Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18, we jumped at it. We popped the promo CD into our car's system and were teleported to Brazil for a good 30-something minutes. Thanks to autoplay and duly keeping our eyes to the 'autobahn' ahead, we must have listened to [...]

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Behind The Mask

French Collective The Selenites Band Returns With Ethio-Delic Sophomore Album On Stereophonk

Friday is always a good day, not just because it's the gateway to another weekend, but also because it's the day new releases hit the airwaves. Our pick of the day is the viciously groovy, brand new offering by French collective The Selenites Band on Stereophonk. Drawing heavy inspiration from 1950s-1970s Ethiojazz as they pay tribute to the Ethiopian giants of the 'Golden Age',  the group's musical influences also cover like-minded genres such as Krautrock, [...]

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African Woman Abroad

Don't Sleep On This Reissue Of All-Female Band Mwanamke Mwafrika's Only Album From 1982

We're not quite sure if there is a formula, saying the bigger the release, the less words necessary, but in the case of this brilliant reggae roots album by all female band Mwanamke Mwafrika, it seems to ring true. Originally released in 1982, the highly sought-after eight-track longplayer was reissued last year on London imprint Common Ground International and recently came to our attention, when a friend pulled the record with its bright yellow cover and [...]

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The Panturas

Otherworldly Indonesian Surf Rock Outfit Releases Sophomore Studio Album On La Munai Records

Sounds from the sea, with no immediate access to a beach. Hailing from Jatinangor, a district located on the eastern outskirts of Bandung, smack in the middle of West Java, is the hypertalented  Indonesian surf rock outfit The Panturas. The phenomenal four-piece was formed back in 2016, featuring Abyan Nabilio on vocals and guitar, Rizal Taufik on guitar, Surya Fikri on drums and Bagus Gogon on bass, when it released its debut single "Fisherman's Slut" and [...]

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Beyond The Blue

Seasoned French Producer Brain Damage And Jamaican Legend Big Youth Collaborate On Versatile LP

As we tuned in to Jean Trouillet's recently aired new instalment of his regular "Globalwize" format on Greedio, we chanced upon a noteworthy collaboration by seasoned French producer Martin Nathan, aka Brain Damage, and iconic Jamaican deejay Manley Augustus Buchanan, better known as Big Youth. Surprised that this LP had gone under our radar, we read up on the release notes that revealed another story, one that we didn't want to let go unmentioned. 

In March [...]

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Two Tribes, Volume Two

Tobi Kirsch And Ubbo Gronewold Continue Their Intercontinental Journey In Rhythm On Agogo Records

The only thing we might complain about is that Tobi Kirsch and Ubbo Gronewold made us wait just a bit over two and half years to receive Volume Two of their "intercontinental journey in rhythm." Finally dropping two-day on Agogo Records is the highly anticipated follow-up to their 2019-released debut exploration of contemporary European artists incorporating African musical traditions in their work, building musical bridges instead of soundproof walls. "Two [...]

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Internationally Lauded Cypriot Trio Monsieur Doumani Release 'Nocturnal' Fourth Album On Glitterbeat

It's been a bit over a year since we first mentioned the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus on Greedy and expressed our joy about discovering the electronically enhanced post-rembetiko compositions of a certain Trio Tekke on "Strovilos", their 'whirlwind' of a fourth album. Today, we bring you the fourth album and resounding return of another Cyprus-based three-piece, coincidentally also led by musical mastermind Antonis Antoniou, who released his first [...]

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Orayta X Shantel

Israeli Vocal Phenomenon Victoria Hanna Receives ‘Kabbalistic’ Remix Treatment By Acclaimed German Producer Stefan Hantel

A slightly belated 'Shana Tova' and 'gut Shabbes' to everyone enjoying the first few days of the year 5782! We sincerely hope it will be a better one. To celebrate the occasion, we have a brand new track by Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna or rather a bouncing 'Kabbalistic' remix of a track from her 2018-released, self-entitled debut album, readied by Frankfurt's very own Stefan Hantel, better known under his resounding moniker Shantel. 

Those who are familiar [...]

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