Green Dogs of Dahshur

The Dwarfs Of East Agouza Ready Entrancing New Four-Tracker On Akuphone

The COVID-19 quarantine days are slowly but surely creeping up on us and putting our sanity to the test. In a 'Black Mirror'-like scenario our screens have become a welcome escape and the internet a friend in need, as we tirelessly scroll the web in perpetual search of new music to get us through these taxing times. 

Enter Cheb Gero's Akuphone imprint, always leading the way in terms of highly engaging, off-the-beaten-track releases, e.g. Kink Gong, Gamelan [...]

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Koichi Sakai & Afla Sackey Release Debut Collaborative Full-Length On Olindo Records

With so many great collaborative projects surfacing the world around, this one had us locked in from the start. It was actually the magnificent artwork by Berlin-based artist Denis Faneites that reeled us in and then of course the Olindo Records seal of quality (see also Betsayda Machado, Isaac Sasson and Insólito UniVerso). But back to "Wono". 

Building on the success of their eponymous 2019-released EP with remixes by the likes of grandmaster Osunlade and [...]

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Bill Laswell's Essential Early '90s Moroccan Recording Receives First-Ever Vinyl Treatment

Upon listening to this recording, our first reaction was to turn down the volume. However, we were also quick to  realise that, although this may not be one for the faint of heart or faith, may not be what we would categorise as 'easy listening', it is most definitely an essential if not iconic piece of work, bound to widen our musical horizon. And if that doesn't convince you, it was recorded and produced by the master of 'collision music' Bill Laswell. No? [...]

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We Are All Migrants

Italy's Canzionere Grecanico Salentino Release "Solo Andata", A Haunting Tribute To 'The Uncountable'

It's March 2020 and, once again, we find ourselves negotiating the fate of thousands of men, women and children, seeking refuge and asylum in the European Union. People remain on the move and 'Fortress Europe' seemingly continues to believe that paying money to foreign powers to keep the proverbial floodgates closed is not just an option, but an actual solution. And then, to our great surprise, it is not. Wars in faraway lands keep on waging and waves of [...]

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Danish Duo Den Sorte Skole Takes Its Mind-Bending Audiovisual Performance/Installation To Church

This one here has got us super excited, so bear with us. As part of the upcoming Luminale Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design taking place in Frankfurt this week from March 12th-15th, the acclaimed Danish composer duo and sample wizards Den Sorte Skole will bring their mind-bending audiovisual performance and installation REFRAKTO to the city's St. Katharinenkirche. The show was created exclusively for said venue and in close collaboration with Danish [...]

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Heavy Hearts

Jewish Monkeys Forced To Cancel Upcoming Tour Due To Global Corona Craze

Today is a very sad day for us and Jewish Monkeys fans all across the globe, especially those in Germany. In an ironically 'catastrophic' turn of events and due to ongoing precautionary measures taken by governments around the world in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Tel Aviv-based band announced today that it would not be able to embark on the second leg of its "Catastrophic Life" tour through Germany next week. The outfit took to social [...]

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Legendary Danish Composer Lotte Kærså’s First Two 1980s Releases Receive Long Overdue Reissue Treatment

Denmark is admittedly not one of our most frequent purveyors of extraordinary releases. So you might guess just how excited we were to hear about this truly spectacular reissue of "a rare Discogs gem from the early 80s by the legendary Danish composer and music educator Lotte Kærså and her band of young musicians, alias Græsrødderne," on trailblazing Copenhagen-based electronic music imprint Tartelet Records.

The "Jubiiilæum" (transl. Anniversary) LP is [...]

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Kutiman Jump-Starts 2020 With Potent Limited Edition 7" Of Middle Eastern Appeal

Hot on the heels of a busy 2019 for the ever-busy and multi-talented Israeli producer, including a pleasantly psycho-active jazz funk five-tracker, Kutiman jump-starts 2020 with his latest limited edition 7" release. The sleek new "Saluf" EP  features two highly desirable desert funk burners, e.g. the fan favourite title-track as well as "Badawee" on the flip side. 

"Saluf" is "an irresistible hypnotic Middle Eastern brain melter that is steadily building and [...]

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Marching On

Our Jewish Monkeys Return To Germany To Present New Album "Catastrophic Life" Live

With just a bit over two and a half weeks to go, our very own Jewish Monkeys have laced up their sneakers and ironed their matching sweatsuits as they prepare to hit the Autobahn once again. That's right fans, your favourite band of 'jewiatrics', Tel Aviv's self-proclaimed grandfathers of punk will be back in Deutschland shortly, bringing their current third studio album to life, "Catastrophic Life" that is.

This time, the band will be performing live in the [...]

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Ahmed Ben Ali’s Sublime Libyan Reggae Is Habibi Funk’s Release Number 012

Finally some good news from Libya, we thought to ourselves. Musically speaking, that is, as Habibi Funk unveils release number 012. This one caught us by surprise. Not because we weren't expecting top-shelf selection. Jannis Stürtz's Berlin-based reissue label has always been a provider of quality tunes. We were surprised because we had no idea that Libyan reggae was actually a thing. 

This latest release, again, widened our musical horizon, introducing us to [...]

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Accra's Jowaa Unleashes Strictly Physical Five-Tracker Of Electric Kpanlogo-Inspired Club Tunes

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: the weekend is here! Sure, you might be running low on energy after yet another week at your nine to five, but we know a remedy that will have you getting down on the dance floor in no time.

Hot on the heels of "Asokpor 1.0" Ghanaian producers Jowaa (aka Gafacci & BBRAVE) are back with another banging five-tracker.  "Manjaano" features a bass-heavy assortment of mind-bending club tunes, "fueled by Accra's rich [...]

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Penya Safari

Magnus P.I's Cosmopolitan Collective Penya Releases Collaborative EP With Tanzanian Vocalist Msafiri Zawose

Early in 2018, after extended field trips to Cuba, Morocco, Turkey and India, the multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer and percussive investigator Magnus P.I (alias Magnus Mehta) and his Afro-Latin collective Penya released their debut "Super Liminal" via London-based On The Corner Records to global critical acclaim. Preceding the release, Magnus P.I had been invited to East Africa by Tanzanian vocalist Msafiri Zawose, where the two spent some time together [...]

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