Victoria Hanna

The power of language is immeasurable. It guides our thoughts, perceptions and emotions. Its precious instrument is the voice, through whose power and vocal intensity it comes to full fruition. Combining these aspects is a high art that few can accomplish.
Victoria Hanna is truly a phenomenon. The Israeli artist has set herself the aim of creating an integral artwork of language, voice and music. And she has achieved that to a most astonishing degree. Victoria [...]

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Victoria Hanna

Victoria Hanna

Aleph Bet / Hoshana 
22 Letters 
Ani Yeshena 
Kala Dekalya 
Hayoshevet Baganim 
Sha'arei Tziyon 
Asher Yatzar 
Israeli singer explores the space between rebellion and servitude.
(Songlines 01/01/2019) +

“Israeli singer explores the space between rebellion and servitude – But there is more to the album than the juxtaposition between Victoria and Hanna. It delves into the very nature of the human voice, playing on the Kabbalistic differentiation between dibor (speech) and kal (voice). As Victoria Hanna says: ‘Voice is abstract… Speech is concrete.’
– Asher Breuer-Weil, Songlines, #144, Jan./Feb. 2019

Hanna is blessed with one of those voices that demands full attention, holding audiences rapt with her acrobatic voice and leaving mouths agape.
(Time Out New York 01/06/2018) +

“Hanna is blessed with one of those voices that demands full attention, holding audiences rapt with her acrobatic voice and leaving mouths agape.”
Time Out New York

If Bjork was Middle Eastern, she might sound something like Victoria Hanna. She is magically chameleonic.
(New York Music Daily 21/04/2018) +

“If Bjork was Middle Eastern, she might sound something like Victoria Hanna. You don’t have to speak Hebrew to fall under her spell. She electrified a sold-out crowd. She is magically chameleonic.”
New York Music Daily

Victoria Hanna is the freshest, edgiest, weirdest artist on the Israeli airwaves today. How did she reach that status? By singing — the alphabet!
(PRI The World 23/02/2015) +

“Victoria Hanna is the freshest, edgiest, weirdest artist on the Israeli airwaves today. How did she reach that status? By singing — the alphabet!”
– Daniel Estrin, PRI The World, 2015

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Orayta X Shantel

Israeli Vocal Phenomenon Victoria Hanna Receives ‘Kabbalistic’ Remix Treatment By Acclaimed German Producer Stefan Hantel

A slightly belated 'Shana Tova' and 'gut Shabbes' to everyone enjoying the first few days of the year 5782! We sincerely hope it will be a better one. To celebrate the occasion, we have a brand new track by Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna or rather a bouncing 'Kabbalistic' remix of a track from her 2018-released, self-entitled debut album, readied by Frankfurt's very own Stefan Hantel, better known under his resounding moniker Shantel. 

Those who are familiar [...]

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Victoria Hanna Returns With An Epic Torah-Themed Music Video

On Thursday, just in time for Shabbat, our phenomenal Victoria Hanna delivered a spectacular new music video to her debut album track "Orayta" that features an absolutely unique display of Aramaic rap or spoken word. On "Orayta" the Israeli vocalist brilliantly pairs the raw and mystical sounds of ancient Hebrew with Tamir Muskat's (APE Records, Balkan Beat Box) sleek and expansive hiphop-styled production. 

"The lyrics are taken from the main book of Kabbalah, [...]

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Top Of The World

UK's Songlines Magazine Awards Victoria Hanna's Debut Five-Star Review

After just recently receiving the German Record Critics' Award Israeli phenomenon Victoria Hanna's eponymous debut longplayer was just reviewed for the forthcoming January/February 2019 issue (#144) of UK's Songlines magazine, where it received a highly gratifying five-star review along with the coveted "Top Of The World" label. 

Here's the entire review by Asher Breuer-Weil, which fills our hearts with joy: 

>> Israeli singer explores the space between [...]

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Crossing Borders

Victoria Hanna's Eponymous Debut Album Receives German Record Critics' Award

We would like to bring this week to a close by sharing some great news:

Earlier this month our very own Israeli phenomenon Victoria Hanna's self-entitled debut album received the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik (aka the German Record Critics' Award) for outstanding musical and artistic achievements.

Originally released back in August on yours truly, Victoria Hanna was awarded in the category "Grenzgänge" (transl. Border Crossings), which makes us [...]

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Victoria Hanna – The Album

The Israeli Phenomenon Releases Her Debut Longplayer On Greedy for Best Music

Today marks release day for a very special artist, who just recently joined the Greedy family. Victoria Hanna is nothing short of a phenomenon, a painter in sound and a master of language. As she explores the boundaries of the human voices, moving between ancient music and contemporary beats, between philosophical and religious texts, her compositions are shaped by diverse vocal techniques, both sung and spoken. 

Her self-entitled debut album then speaks [...]

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22 Letters

Victoria Hanna Opens Conference Of Hebrew Language With 'Book Of Creation'

A few days ago, Israeli vocal artist Victoria Hanna, whom you may remember from her hiphop-tinged exploration of the Hebrew alphabet, opened a Conference for Hebrew Language with her acclaimed, kabbalistic "Book of Creation" / "22 Letters" performance, which you absolutely need to watch. We actually have three videos to share with you. Here's the video she just posted of said opening and for those non-Hebrew speakers among us, here's her lecture / performance [...]

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Victoria Hanna On A Hiphop-Tinged Exploration Of The Hebrew Alphabet

From the hands of APE Records' label-head and drummer-extraordinaire Tamir Muskat (Balkan Beat Bot) comes one of our favourite productions of 2015, namely Israeli vocal artist Victoria Hanna's musical rendition of the Hebrew Alphabet, in a mesmerising video that went viral and generated over half a million YouTube views to date. 

The video shows Hanna standing in front of an all-girls classroom, as she begins to recite the Hebrew letters one by one, while her [...]

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