Joe Fleisch

Back in 1986, Stephan Remmler of the cult German new wave band Trio released his iconic ‘Schlager’ “Alles hat ein Ende (nur die Wurst hat zwei)” (everything has an end, but the sausage has two), which basically boils down to saying that everything must come to an end. The phrase and song, now staples of German pop culture, have since taken on a life of their own, which brings us to a certain Joe Fleisch aka Jossi Reich, frontman and controversial [...]

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Joe Fleisch: Vocals / Yiddish
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Everything Has an End, But the 'Wursht' Has Two

Video Premiere: Joe Fleisch Teams Up With Ori Toledano & Guy Bolandi To Turn Stefan Remmler's '80s Hit Into A Yiddish Chart-Breaker

Ever heard of Stephan Remmler and his band Trio? Maybe not. However, you may have crossed paths with his German new wave hit “Da Da Da”, released at the ultra-coolish, icy beginnings of the '80s; a monotonous, semi-callous, numb, yet cynically funny anti-love song with that now iconic, recurring line, quasi spoken by a deep and seemingly indifferent male voice in the same repetitive groove as the Da Da Da bass: “Ich lieb Dich nicht, Du liebst mich [...]

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Waysser Behr

Joe Fleisch And Petite Meller Give Grauzone's "Eisbaer" A Neo-Yiddish, Europop Makeover

With temperatures in the Eastern and parts of the Western Hemisphere leaning towards zero these days, who wouldn't want to be a polar bear?!

Just the time for us to return to the vaults and dig up this frosty little gem for you.

Let us fill in the blanks: Back in 2014, the enigmatic artist still known as Joe Fleisch (front-runner of the Jewish Monkeys under his real name Jossi Reich) teamed up with budding French pop arrival Petite Meller, an enticing [...]

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