Waysser Behr

19/11/2016Joe Fleisch And Petite Meller Give Grauzone's "Eisbaer" A Neo-Yiddish, Europop Makeover

With temperatures in the Eastern and parts of the Western Hemisphere leaning towards zero these days, who wouldn't want to be a polar bear?!

Just the time for us to return to the vaults and dig up this frosty little gem for you.

Let us fill in the blanks: Back in 2014, the enigmatic artist still known as Joe Fleisch (front-runner of the Jewish Monkeys under his real name Jossi Reich) teamed up with budding French pop arrival Petite Meller, an enticing singer/songstress in her own right, to give Swiss 'German New Wave' outfit Grauzone's iconic song "Eisbaer" (polar bear) a dreamy, neo-Yiddish, Europop makeover, alias "Icebear" or "Waysser Behr" (white bear), co-produced with the JewRhythmics in yes, you heard right, Yiddish.

Petite Meller's husband, the renowned director Asaf T. Mann, then proceeded to stage the two artists in a winter wonderland, equally beautiful as theatrically absurd, and perfectly in line with the song itself.

What's more, Grauzone's former drummer was so excited to hear this revamped version of his band's cult song, he sent Petite Meller a short note via Facebook Messenger in 2015 reading:

"Wow, this is the best Eisbaer version I ever heard...I was the former drummer from Grauzone (1979-1981). Thank you & kind regards from Switzerland, Marco"

We're guessing, you may want to see and hear for yourself. We thought so. Well, here you go:

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom