Boom Pam

Formed back in 2003, the exuberant Tel Aviv-based four-piece Boom Pam delivers a forward-thinking blend of Mediterranean rock and surf music suitable for all occasions from fancy concert halls to wild, alcohol-drenched parties. The group enjoyed immediate success in venues ranging from local and international clubs and bars to formal auditoriums and renowned music festivals, from private abodes to philharmonic stages and has evolved into a global force to be [...]

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Uri Brauner Kinrot: Guitar/Vocals
Dani Ever Hadani: Keyboard
Ira Raviv: Drums
Yuval Zolotov: Tuba
No upcoming shows at the moment ...
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Selda Boom Pam

Watch Turkish Legend Selda Bağcan Perform Live W/ Tel Aviv's Boom Pam

We already reported on the Selda Bağcan X Boom Pam collab around the same time last year, following their spot-on performance in Berlin. Now Red Bull brought them to Istanbul, where they played a one-hour live set at Zorlu Center. Selda Bağcan joins Boom Pam after a psychedelic introductory medley about ten minutes into the video and opens with her hit song "Yaz Gazetici Yaz". Watch the full show here.

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An Instrumental Journey

Watch Boom Pam & Friends Take To The Tel Aviv Stage

Live as can be! When we heard that Boom Pam had scheduled an instrumental live performance with some of their close musical friends at Tel Aviv's Merkaz Enav auditorium we teamed up with the local Snifff Productions crew and to bring you an exclusive live stream of the concert via Greedio, our streaming platform currently in the making.

To be honest, even while preparing to go live, we did not quite know, what to expect. But once this marvelous [...]

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Greedio Presents: Boom Pam

Stream An Exclusive Live Concert From Tel Aviv

Heads up! Here comes an opportunity you global music lovers have been waiting for:

Saturday, March 5th, marks the return of Boom Pam with an "Instrumental Journey Through Times And Places". Welcoming several friends to the stage, including Uzi Ramirez of the notorious Ramirez Brothers on guitar, Eyal Talmudi of Malox on saxophone and Sefi Sizzling on trumpet, the acclaimed outfit is poised to deliver an exuberant instrumental show at Tel Aviv's Enav Cultural [...]

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Boom Pam X Kutiman

Live At The Jewish Culture Days 2009

Tel Aviv's charismatic, psychedelic and incredibly musical Surf-outfit Boom Pam had the honor of performing live at the closing concert of the 23rd Jewish Culture Festival in Munich, in 2009. For their breathtaking half-hour performance they were joined on stage by fellow multi-instrumentalist and sound artist Kutiman, each delivering some heated freestyle exchanges. Watch two of Israel's premier underground acts win over the festival-sized crowd in [...]

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A New Wave

Boom Pam’s Tel Aviv Boiler Room Session
GreedyforBestMusic-Boom Pam-Boiler Room Session-Tel Aviv-screenshot-small

How to describe the prolific Tel Aviv four-piece Boom Pam? Well, for starters, how about in their own words: “Our mix really describes Tel Aviv ... a place where people from all over the world meet. This sound is a sharp cocktail of all the different styles that collide here. And we try to bring them all together.”

Listening to Boom Pam is a proper musical epiphany. Their creative output is not easily categorised. But why should it? Instead of attempting [...]

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Boom Pam X Trifonas

A Sensational Rembetiko Track Reinterpreted
GreedyforBestMusic-Boom Pam-Trifonas-Ematha Pos Eisai Magkas-screenshot

A near decade ago at the 2006 WOMEX (World Music Expo) showcase, the acclaimed Colin Bass of Camel, aka Sabah Habas Mustapha of the legendary 3 Mustaphas 3, introduced our dear friends Boom Pam to the world, coincidentally launching their international touring career with the following words:

“Twanging guitars of Tel Aviv mix heady Eastern Mediterranean cocktail: At first was the word around the night-clubs and parties of the Tel Aviv music scene. Boom Pam. [...]

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Yalla Boom!

Boom Pam Is Off To The Beach
GreedyforBestMusic-Boom Pam-Maor Cohen-Yalla Boom-screenshot

Jewish Monkeys' partners in crime Boom Pam have teamed up with renowned singer Maor Cohen for their latest music video, which sees them spending some quality time at a crowded Tel Aviv beach. Yalla Boom!

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