An Instrumental Journey

15/03/2016Watch Boom Pam & Friends Take To The Tel Aviv Stage

Live as can be! When we heard that Boom Pam had scheduled an instrumental live performance with some of their close musical friends at Tel Aviv's Merkaz Enav auditorium we teamed up with the local Snifff Productions crew and to bring you an exclusive live stream of the concert via Greedio, our streaming platform currently in the making.

To be honest, even while preparing to go live, we did not quite know, what to expect. But once this marvelous psychedelic surf rock quartet took to the stage and brought out their musical 'partners in crime', we knew we were in for a special treat. Spread across the globe in Istanbul, Frankfurt and Berlin, we witnessed a passionate live concert from Tel Aviv, watching it all go down from the cozy confines of our homes.

Thanks to everyone involved, we took a giant step in the right direction and are super excited to bring you more live streaming goodness in the weeks and months and possibly years to follow. But first, you can relive the experience and watch the entire concert below. Prepare to be amazed!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom