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A New Wave

17/08/2015Boom Pam’s Tel Aviv Boiler Room Session

How to describe the prolific Tel Aviv four-piece Boom Pam? Well, for starters, how about in their own words: “Our mix really describes Tel Aviv ... a place where people from all over the world meet. This sound is a sharp cocktail of all the different styles that collide here. And we try to bring them all together.”

Listening to Boom Pam is a proper musical epiphany. Their creative output is not easily categorised. But why should it? Instead of attempting to pigeon-hole Boom Pam, why not follow what’s already known about the cult outfit’s broad variety of sounds and musical interpretations, originally labeled as surf?

Boom Pam are literally riding a wave of their own. After all, that’s where their free-flowing psychedelia, a multi-faceted dialogue between East and West, led with an almost hypnotising virtuosity and forward-moving eloquence originates. Each band member contributes to this truly unique exchange of styles and artistic personalities, as recently displayed in this riveting 30-minute Boiler Room Session from 2014.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom