Something Different

L.A.-Based Sublabel Discotchari Presents Its First Release – A 7" Reissue Of Armenian Rare Grooves

Finally! This one has been a long time coming. Los Angeles-based imprint Discotchari has been an avid supporter of ours for quite some time now, probably since the COVID era, when we seemed all the more bound to our socials. Likewise, we've been following their pursuits of digging up and promoting rare grooves from the Armenian diaspora. A sublabel of electronic label Critique, Discotchari is on a self-proclaimed mission of "pushing the boundaries of Armenian [...]

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Dimanche à Bamako

From 'Saharan WhatsApp' To The Global Stage: Malian Guitarist Ali "Bounaly" Traore Presents His Debut Full-Length

Guitar madness! All you shred heads out there curious about celebratory grooves from West Africa and lucky enough to have neighbours that will tolerate your outernational listening habits, this one just might be for you: With the weekend rapidly approaching, we feel it's due time to turn up a few decibels and rock out. Fresh out on the always trustworthy Sahel Sounds imprint of Christopher Kirkley is this six-track delirium by prodigious Malian guitar player [...]

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Magg Tekki

Senegalese Drum Collective Assiko Golden Band de Grand Yoff Releases Its First-Ever LP On Mississippi Records

Drums, drums, drums, and a few more drums. "For two decades and across three generations of band members," the Assiko Golden Band has been tearing up the suburban nightlife scene of Dakar. Hailing from "the impoverished neighborhood of Grand Yoff and operating as a mutual aid group for the larger community, the band builds its songs on ancient rhythms passed on from Senegal, Cameroon and the infamous Gorée Island." Spreading their percussive rhetoric, led by [...]

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Big Words

Irresistible Belgian Global Groove Ensemble Alpacas Collective Releases Second Multi-Genre Tour De Force

In desperate need of a pick-me-up, we direct our ears to the city of Leuven in the Flemish region of Belgium, where an eleven-piece musical collective by the name of Alpacas Collective has been on a funking roll. Late last year, the group gave us a killer first taste of their far-reaching global grooves on their otherworldly seven-track debut album "Seven Wisdoms of Plutonia", blending a whole bunch of styles to fashion a soundscape of their personal liking. [...]

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It's A Bomb

Congolese Singer Bony Bikaye Joins Up W/ French Trio TONN3RR3 For A Hyper-Ambient, Afro-Disco Full-Length

Isn't it strange how sometimes the points just connect? Just this week, we published a new annual "Best of Globalwize" selection from 2017, which happened to include a track from the highly original and very much progressive sounding 1983-released (and 2017-reissued) collaborative album "Noir et Blanc" by Congolese singer Bony Bikaye, alongside French composer Hector Zazou and electronic music experimentalists CY1. Now, some 40 years since his milestone Crammed [...]

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Back To The Taverna

Berlin Five-Piece Cherry Bandora Releases Enrapturing, Bouzouki-Fueled Album On Rebel Up! / RUMI Sounds

It's times like these that make us want to return to the safe haven that is the local tavern. Where you can leave whatever worries you may have at the door and indulge in life's simple pleasures: good food, a drink or two or three, random conversations in the company of total strangers who may or may not become friends for a night and, of course, a sensual soundtrack to fan the flames. Very much familiar with these types of settings, Cherry Bandora celebrate [...]

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Ecuadorian Producer KAIFO Releases Debut Full-Length Offering A Postmodern Afro-Andean Dancefloor Experience

Forget about Halloween. Please stand and join us in celebration of Ecuador's 'Día del Escudo Nacional', honouring the Andean nation's official emblem, or coat of arms, a day the country has been celebrating since 1900. It depicts several national treasures, such as the volcanic Chimborazo mountain, the grand condor and, of course, the golden sun, a nod to the sun god Inti, believed to be the ancestor of the Incas. We're sure there's more details that deserve [...]

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Sensational Nigerian Afrobeat Twelve-Piece Lagos Thugs Releases Four-Track Debut Album

Lagos Thugs. Let that ruminate before you jump to conclusions. What may sound slightly menacing at first is actually the name of a rising new afrobeat project. Hailing from the most populous city in Nigeria, this sensational twelve-piece is the latest proponent of a genre born from the legacy of Fela Kuti and his drummer Tony Allen and is currently blazing a trail of its own. The group just unveiled its four-track debut album earlier this month with a vinyl [...]

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Zel Zele Records Releases Timeless 1980s DIY Solo Album By Turkish Bass Guitarist And 'Gurbetçi' Bahtiyar Taş

No idea what was going on in the '80s, but certain albums tell a fantastic tale of a time quite unlike any other, where going against the stream was considered good etiquette and electronic experimentation paved the way to new forms of musical production. It was in that era that Turkish bassist Bahtiyar Taş self-produced an exceptionally bizarre DIY solo album offering a glimpse of his parallel universe. We first stumbled upon the much needed reissue of this [...]

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Tightrope Dancer

Brazilian Flutist Mariana Zwarg & German Pianist Johannes von Ballestrem Release Nimble Collaborative LP

Anybody here scared of heights? Not ones to suffer from vertigo ourselves, we still might not be the first to volunteer to partake in some acrobatic tightrope act in lofty heights. Casting their musical line, one end fastened to the summit of Rio de Janeiro's Mount Corcovado with its mighty Christ the Redeemer statue, the other end tied to Berlin's iconic Fernsehturm, Brazilian flutist Mariana Zwarg (the goddaughter of a certain Hermeto Pascoal) and Berlin [...]

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The Early Sessions

Melodies International Reissues Early Lovers Rock Recordings By Iconic Dub Sound Engineer Mad Professor

Riding the recent wave of top-tier reissues, today we bring you this ace compilation of early Ariwa Sounds dub and lovers rock recordings by the iconic Guayanese-born British dub music producer and sound engineer Neil Fraser, better known as Mad Professor. Originally released in 1984 on his own Ariwa Sounds imprint, these are some of his earliest works recorded between 1979 and 1981. This collection in particular, came to the ears of London-based reissue label [...]

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Want Some Records Reissues Elusive Kenyan Afro-Funk Groover From 1977 By The Mighty Cavaliers

Want some records? Then you're going to have to dig, dig and dig some more and hope that luck turns your way. German imprint and online record dealer Want Some Records did just that. Label head Dennis Krailing, an avid aficionado of African music, couldn't believe his eyes or ears, when the elusive original "Mapendo" by The Mighty Cavaliers arrived at his doorstep directly from Kenya. Originally released in 1977, this particular record remains "shrouded in [...]

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