Chinal Ka

Heavenly Sweetness Releases First-Ever Anthology Of Gwo-Ka Great Erick Cosaque

It's winter time in the Western Hemisphere, which finds us reminiscing about that island life with a little help by ways of French imprint Heavenly Sweetness. A few weeks back, the label – home to Guts, Anthony Joseph, the Florian Pellissier Quintet and many more – released the first-ever anthology dedicated to the work of Gwo-Ka artist Erick Cosaque, as part of its Antilles Series. The release highlights Cosaque's most distinctive oeuvres from 1973-1995, [...]

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The Netherlands Meet Southeast Asia On "The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers"

Who would have guessed that Alpaca Mountain is an actual thing and if that doesn't sound too far fetched, who would have pointed to the Netherlands of all places? But then again, with YĪN YĪN nothing seems too far-fetched, now does it? Here we have a Dutch group bringing you a fresh, psychedelic blend of '60s and '70s Southeast Asian-inspired tunes, mixed with disco, funk, electronic music and the sorts.

Their story leads back to the summer of 2017, when Kees [...]

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Belgrade Producer Duo Tapan Meets Moroccan Desert Blues Outfit Génération Taragalte For One-Off Collab

Sometimes you just need to get together and jam and new things will happen, is what we were thinking, when we tuned into this one-off collaboration between Belgrade's "tribal / techno / industrial" duo Tapan (Nebojša Bogdanović & Goran Simonoski) and the "nomadic Touareg electrified desert-blues" five-piece Generation Taragalte. Hailing from two very different musical universes, the two outfits met in Marrakech back in 2018, apparently hit it off and decided [...]

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11th Street, Sekondi

Ghanaian Legend Gyedu-Blay Ambolley Readies 31st Album

From DJ Katapila and Alogte Oho to the legend himself, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley... We return to Ghana to cover the recently released 31st (yes, that is correct) album by the now 72-year-old renowned saxophonist, singer, guitarist and "originator of rap" Gyedu-Blay Ambolley; his second on Agogo Records. The album title, "11th Street, Sekondi", is a nod to the place he was born and that first home of his is actually pictured on the album cover. Blending Ghanaian [...]

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Zan Bezan

Liraz Calls On All Women To Join Her Personal Revolution

It's been a year since Israeli/Iranian actress, model and chanteuse Liraz Charhi dropped her stunning debut album "Naz" on Tel Aviv's Dead Sea Recordings, "taking cues from Iran’s fiery and defiant female musical icons like Googoosh and Ramesh" and weaving her own narrative into the empowering mix. Now, 40 years after the Iranian Revolution and with the sad news of the situation in Iran going haywire once again, Liraz just released a powerful uptempo track [...]

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Sounds Of Joy

Ghana's Alogte Oho Releases Joyous Gospel/Frafra Full-Length On Berlin's Philophon Label

Sweet Lord, this is it! A recent Instagram post by Brighton's Hivemind Records put us onto this equally recent and brilliant release on Berlin's Philophon imprint by Ghanaian gospel/Frafra artist Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy backing band. Similar to Ghana's Kologo master Guy One, Alogte Oho was discovered by Philophon's main man Max Weissenfeldt on a trip to Ghana in 2013, when he stepped off the bus and heard one of Alogte Oho's songs blaring from a nearby [...]

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Milan-Based Producer Ckrono Readies First All-Italian Baile Funk Banger

Baile funk from Italy? Yessir! "Italy's most innovative tropical bass producer," aka Ckrono, just dropped his debut single "Caramela" on Daniel Haaksman's Man Recordings and is poised to leave his mark on the global club circuit. Formerly hailing from Florence, Ckrono moved to Milan in 2017, where he launched his "Balera Favela" tropical bass night, which meanwhile attracts a rough 1.500 visitors per event and is steadily creating a niche for these booty-laden [...]

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DJ Katapila

A Short But Sweet Documentary On One Of Ghana's Best Kept Secrets

If you're familiar with Ghana's DJ Katapila, then you know his sounds hit hard. Hailing from Accra's Jamestown neighbourhood, DJ Katapila was first brought to our attention by Brian Shimkovitz's Awesome Tapes From Africa imprint, who released his debut album "Trotro" in 2016 and followed that up with the "Aroo" EP in 2018, which you can read up on here. In short, DJ Katapila has been breaking ground for the past 20 something years, "blasting his unique sounds [...]

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El Relincho Del Tiempo

Argentina's Los Siquicos Litoraleños Present A New Batch Of Hallucinogenic Dub-Cumbia

This week finds us in a strange mood, which may just be that effect the month of November has, with the year slowly but surely coming to an end, temperatures and humanity in decline and what not. But then again, we always have that thing called music to pick us up again, that instant mood-changer there to set us on the right path or quite frankly take us far far away from here. How about Argentina?  

Today, we travel to Curuzù Cuatiá, a city in the [...]

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Le Grand Bazar

The Jewish Monkeys Call On Us To Unite In Buoyant New Music Video

Our dear Jewish Monkeys are currently on the road in Germany and the Czech Republic, wowing the crowds with their recently released third studio album "Catastrophic Life", which sees the band venture into unfamiliar musical territory. And we dare see, they seem weirdly rejuvenated.

Shortly before the album's official release, the Jewish Monkeys unveiled the suave new music video to album track "Le Grand Bazar", an upbeat and liberating afrobeat-flavoured tune [...]

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Calico Soul

Berlin-Based Nomadic Duo Farafi Releases Free-Spirited Debut Album On Piranha Records

A recent release that took us by surprise? That would have to be "Calico Soul", the debut album of nomadic Berlin-based duo Farafi, whose striking combination of captivating vocals and percussive sounds were quick to enthral us. Their story is one of modern roots, travels across the globe and a love for music both heartfelt and spiritual. Darlini Singh Kaul and Joy Tyson met in Goa, in the coastal village of Arambol. There, they discovered their shared [...]

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Catastrophic Life: The Album

The Jewish Monkeys Release Triumphant Third Full-Length

Thank G*d it's Friday! We survived another week, the world has not yet imploded and Agent Orange is still POTUS. Shabbat shalom everybody and l'chaim! Let us raise our glasses to life in all its glorious absurdity, "Catastrophic Life" that is, as our Jewish Monkeys release their triumphant third longplayer and kick off a string of live dates. After all, who better to comment on modern-day ennui than this band of sharp-tongued, middle-aged, manly manly [...]

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