The Panturas

Otherworldly Indonesian Surf Rock Outfit Releases Sophomore Studio Album On La Munai Records

Sounds from the sea, with no immediate access to a beach. Hailing from Jatinangor, a district located on the eastern outskirts of Bandung, smack in the middle of West Java, is the hypertalented  Indonesian surf rock outfit The Panturas. The phenomenal four-piece was formed back in 2016, featuring Abyan Nabilio on vocals and guitar, Rizal Taufik on guitar, Surya Fikri on drums and Bagus Gogon on bass, when it released its debut single "Fisherman's Slut" and [...]

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Beyond The Blue

Seasoned French Producer Brain Damage And Jamaican Legend Big Youth Collaborate On Versatile LP

As we tuned in to Jean Trouillet's recently aired new instalment of his regular "Globalwize" format on Greedio, we chanced upon a noteworthy collaboration by seasoned French producer Martin Nathan, aka Brain Damage, and iconic Jamaican deejay Manley Augustus Buchanan, better known as Big Youth. Surprised that this LP had gone under our radar, we read up on the release notes that revealed another story, one that we didn't want to let go unmentioned. 

In March [...]

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Two Tribes, Volume Two

Tobi Kirsch And Ubbo Gronewold Continue Their Intercontinental Journey In Rhythm On Agogo Records

The only thing we might complain about is that Tobi Kirsch and Ubbo Gronewold made us wait just a bit over two and half years to receive Volume Two of their "intercontinental journey in rhythm." Finally dropping two-day on Agogo Records is the highly anticipated follow-up to their 2019-released debut exploration of contemporary European artists incorporating African musical traditions in their work, building musical bridges instead of soundproof walls. "Two [...]

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Internationally Lauded Cypriot Trio Monsieur Doumani Release 'Nocturnal' Fourth Album On Glitterbeat

It's been a bit over a year since we first mentioned the eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus on Greedy and expressed our joy about discovering the electronically enhanced post-rembetiko compositions of a certain Trio Tekke on "Strovilos", their 'whirlwind' of a fourth album. Today, we bring you the fourth album and resounding return of another Cyprus-based three-piece, coincidentally also led by musical mastermind Antonis Antoniou, who released his first [...]

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Orayta X Shantel

Israeli Vocal Phenomenon Victoria Hanna Receives ‘Kabbalistic’ Remix Treatment By Acclaimed German Producer Stefan Hantel

A slightly belated 'Shana Tova' and 'gut Shabbes' to everyone enjoying the first few days of the year 5782! We sincerely hope it will be a better one. To celebrate the occasion, we have a brand new track by Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna or rather a bouncing 'Kabbalistic' remix of a track from her 2018-released, self-entitled debut album, readied by Frankfurt's very own Stefan Hantel, better known under his resounding moniker Shantel. 

Those who are familiar [...]

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Batov Records Unveils Six Genre-Melting Remixes Of Traditional Yemeni Songs By The Yafo-Based Vocalist

In the summer of 2020, amidst a global pandemic, Tel Aviv-based singer SHIRAN unveiled "Glsah Sanaanea", the highly anticipated follow-up to her 2018-released self-entitled debut album on Batov Records. "Reinterpreting traditional Yemeni songs for a contemporary audience" in Arabic and Hebrew, both albums point to her own Yemenite heritage, "inspired by the many stories and experiences of her cherished and much-loved Grandmother who left Yemen in 1949 for [...]

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Multi-Talented Israeli Producer Kutiman Serves Up Psychotropic, Tabla-Led Two-Tracker On Siyal Music

You may have heard the title track "Guruji" setting ears ablaze in our "Greedio X July '21" playlist on Spotify. If so, then you are well aware that the man himself, Kutiman, is back with another highly combustible two-tracker on Siyal Music . Adding to the mix is now the official B-side "Majan", taking a more "meditative" approach than its predecessor, yet equally resounding.

We last covered the prolific and infinitely versatile Israeli producer, aka Ophir [...]

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Self-Taught Rio-Based Sound Researcher Vasconcelos Sentimento Releases Prismatic Debut On Far Out Recordings

Rio resident Vasconcelos Sentimento, aka Guilherme Esteves, is a "self-taught composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist" and self-proclaimed "amateur euphoric sound researcher," who just released his adventurous debut album on Far Out Recordings. "Furto" features "a mosaic of lo-fi breaks, cosmic ambient jazz and wonky chromatic funk," seemingly brought together in a beautiful whirl of DIY spontaneity and melodic curiosity. Though undoubtedly rooted in jazz, [...]

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Nella Misura In Cui

Four Flies Records Release Sultry 1979 Italian Golden Age Soundtrack By Augusto Martelli

Disco, you either love it or can no longer stand it. In our case it's the first and upon hearing the latest 'reissue' or rather "the first complete release of Augusto Martelli's sultry" golden age soundtrack to Italian director Piero Vivarelli's 1979 "delicious erotic-exotic flick" entitled "Nella Misura In Cui", we felt obliged to do a short write-up.

Despite not having watched the movie, the choice to feature Martelli's undeniably groovy movie score was a [...]

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So La Ma La

North-Ghanaian Kologo-ologist Guy One Returns To Philophon Records With Frafra-Driven 7" Release

Bolgatanga's one and only (no pun intended) Guy One returns to Max Weissenfeldt's Berlin-based Philophon imprint with an infectiously upbeat two-track 7" release and a brand new band. The award-winning Kologo authority leads the way with his two-stringed proto-banjo, accompanied by "Kumasi's finest young talents, plus Florence Adooni and Tenni Akagam as his choir voices." 

On the A-side, "So La Ma La" hits the ground running with "a straight-forward Highlife [...]

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Tuff Time$

Johannesburg-Based Duo Stiff Pap Unveils Riveting And Fiercely Uncompromising New Album

It comes as no surprise that the title "Riders on the Storm", a track made world-famous by The Doors, would come to be the opener of Stiff Pap's recently released album project "TUFF TIME$", seeing as they are literally out there riding the current storm. Strained economies, a worldwide pandemic and local South African strife add to the Johannesburg-based duo's riveting mix of progressive electronic styles, blending an alternative hiphop spirit with African [...]

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Dost 1

Hamburg's Anatolian Psych-Pop Outfit Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek Unveil The 1st Part Of Their 2nd Album

Turn your dials to the latest six-track release by "Anatolian psych-pop sensations" Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek, who are back with a new batch of musical lightning. Last Friday, the Hamburg-based group unveiled its second album, "the first of a two-part series to be released in 2021" via Bongo Joe/Catapulte Records. Having gained well-deserved and steadily increasing worldwide acclaim for their "contemporary takes on traditional Anatolian folk ballads, [...]

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