Soul Tropical

07/03/2023The Multi-Talented David Walters Returns With Life-Affirming New LP On Heavenly Sweetness

It's been pretty much three years on the dot, since we did a short but enthusiastic write-up on Marseille-based multi-instrumentalist, DJ, singer/songwriter, producer and Zimpala (if you know, then you know) co-founder David Walters' tribute to worldwide Creole culture, fittingly titled "Soleil Kréyol" and produced by musical mastermind Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart. Last Friday, he returned to French imprint Heavenly Sweetness with a brand-new LP that we dare say is equally infectious, soulful and radiant.

"Soul Tropical" sees David Walters team up with another pair of highly respected producers of dancefloor-ready global soundscapes, being Charlie B. Wilder, better known as Captain Planet, and Tom Excell of Onipa and Nubiyan Twist fame. Recorded between Marseille, Sheffield and Los Angeles, the thirteen new tracks are sunshine in a bottle and butter for the soul. In fact, "Soul Tropical" is just what it claims to be: a healthy, life-affirming and resolutely Creole mix of tropically infused, tremendously positive and decidedly inspired collaborative material.

Featuring guest appearances by the likes of K.O.G., Anthony Joseph, La Reyna, Flavia Coelho, Ballaké Sissoko and Vincent Ségal, this latest body of work by David Walters confirms his unique ability to fuse influences rooted in the West Indies with modern electronics to heart-warming, smile-inducing and no doubt unifying effect that is equally well suited for universal airplay.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom