Soleil Kréyol

05/02/2020French Multi-Instrumentalist David Walters Releases Album Tribute To Worldwide Creole Culture

Good things take time, goes a common expression that, in the case of Marseille-based multi-instrumentalist, DJ, singer/songwriter and producer David Walters, rings true. The co-founder of early 2000s Bordeaux collective Zimpala has been involved in multiple projects over the past two decades and spent the past five years globetrotting, meeting "the gatekeepers to the musical hearts of Africa, South America & Asia" as part of the French TV show "Les Nouveaux Explorateurs" (The New Explorers) on Canal +. 

The experiences he made on these travels now inspired his new album on Paris-based record label Heavenly Sweetness, a tribute to worldwide Creole culture as it converges in New York City. "It is around this hyperactive city that David Walters decided to set the scene for his new album [and] imbue his music with the state of mind and aesthetics that reigned in the 70s and 80s," the album description reads. And while some tracks ring overly radio-friendly to our ears others should be well worth your while.

Entitled "Soleil Kréyol" (Creole Sun) and produced alongside prolific musical mastermind Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart, the longplayer features eleven sun-drenched compositions and notable guest appearances by the likes of Seun Kuti, Ibrahim Maalouf, Celia W and Vincent Ségal. Even more so, it reveals a "maze of a culture that crosses the oceans and connects continents, [...] a deeply ingrained bond that allows Africa, America, Europe, and the Caribbean to converse with each other in a language as universal as music, dance, carnivals, or ceremonies."

You can stream/buy the full album below and/or watch the companion video to lead single "Mama", a track dedicated to David's late grandmother and the strong, charismatic Afro-Caribbean woman, whose voice can be heard on the track. "Mama" is also available as an EP version with three vibrant remixes.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom