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Cuatro Suyos

13/01/2020Berlin-Based Label Eck Echo Releases DJ-Friendly Peruvian Four-Tracker

All good things come in fours, innit? Berlin-based Eck Echo imprint closed out 2019 with its second vinyl release "Cuatro Suyos", a DJ-friendly EP featuring four Peruvian artists on the move: "The 'Suyos' were the four regional divisions of the Peruvian society that ruled over a large portion of South America before their encounter with Europeans, which completely transformed history in 1532. You had the 'Collasuyo' or 'the region of the Llama' in the South East, the 'Chinchaysuyo' or 'the region of the Tiger' in the North West, the 'Antisuyo' or 'the region of the Jaguar' in the North East and finally the 'Contisuyo' or 'the region of the Condor' in the West," the description reads. 

Side A kicks off with the brilliant track "Aceitunas" (transl. 'Olives') by QOQEQA & Vitú, a hallucinogenic tribal chant with a gradual build-up that will have you reconsidering that ayahuasca retreat. Up next are Lima-based duo Dengue Dengue Dengue with "Los Arboles" (transl. 'The Trees'), a laid-back clapper bedded on catchy Afro-Peruvian rhythms and a somewhat menacing synth line. Side B ensues with Soktakuri "Camino a San Jerónimo" (transl. 'Road to San Jerónimo'), which brings us the rhythmic strumming of a charango, paired with soaring pan flute and vocal chops that slowly give way to a viscous, driving bass line. And finally we have Pawkarmayta's "Ctrl Alt Sol", quite possibly an echoey ode to the sun that is eerily ethereal, yet equally potent.

For the full effect, simply stream/buy the "Cuatro Suyos" below and enjoy a spiritual moment in contemporary Peruvian dance culture.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom