22/01/2020Madrid's Vampisoul Reissues Highly Sought-After Album From Peruvian MAG Label Catalogue

Musically speaking, 2020 is off to a very good start, as we continue to browse and select extraordinary releases from around the world for your listening pleasure. Just last week, the well-respected Madrid-based label Vampisoul (from the Munster Records family, whom you may remember from our piece on Los Saicos' "Demolición") reissued "one of the most sought-after titles from the catalogue of Peruvian label MAG," aka Sonora Casino's album "Trompeteros".

Originally released in 1972, the versatile longplayer features a funky array of guarachas, cumbias, descargas and bugalú. The most noteworthy track off the album, however, is likely a tune by the name of "Astronautas en Mercurio", a "cosmic descarga full of electronic effects, filtered voices and fierce guitars with wah wah and raw distortion," that absolutely propelled us into a different headspace. 

Sonora Casino was founded by timbalero Hugo Maceda back in 1964. After recording several albums for Philips, the group released their debut on MAG in 1970 with "Pochito", the cover of which featured Hugo Maceda's wife, the vocalist Lucía "Pochita" Rivera. "Trompeteros" was the follow-up, which you can stream/buy in full below. 

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom