09/12/2019Belgrade Producer Duo Tapan Meets Moroccan Desert Blues Outfit Génération Taragalte For One-Off Collab

Sometimes you just need to get together and jam and new things will happen, is what we were thinking, when we tuned into this one-off collaboration between Belgrade's "tribal / techno / industrial" duo Tapan (Nebojša Bogdanović & Goran Simonoski) and the "nomadic Touareg electrified desert-blues" five-piece Generation Taragalte. Hailing from two very different musical universes, the two outfits met in Marrakech back in 2018, apparently hit it off and decided to take things to whole new level. The swirling result of which was recently released on London's Soundway Records.

The "Atlas" EP kicks off with "", an 11-minute opus featuring an ominous, trance-inducing bassline, intricate rhythmic patterns, distant flutes (possibly a Ghita?) and occasional yelps, before the vocals kick in to dramatic effect. Up next is "", opening up on a type of Maqsoum belly dance rhythm, accompanied by yet another droning bassline as the cavalry eventually joins the free-spirited fray. "" is more Touareg guitar driven to start with, but then turns into a veritable snake charmer, agilely driving its point home, before "" sets flight. 

"A dark, desolate and potent collision of the electronic drone-jazz of Belgrade and the windswept, desiccated psych-guitar riffs of the Moroccan Sahara," the description reads and indeed, this seemingly natural synergy will take more than one listen to reveal its mesmerising beauty. Take it away!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom