DJ Katapila

22/11/2019A Short But Sweet Documentary On One Of Ghana's Best Kept Secrets

If you're familiar with Ghana's DJ Katapila, then you know his sounds hit hard. Hailing from Accra's Jamestown neighbourhood, DJ Katapila was first brought to our attention by Brian Shimkovitz's Awesome Tapes From Africa imprint, who released his debut album "Trotro" in 2016 and followed that up with the "Aroo" EP in 2018, which you can read up on here. In short, DJ Katapila has been breaking ground for the past 20 something years, "blasting his unique sounds all over Accra, from house parties to funerals."

Creating a hybrid of bass-heavy hometown rhythms and minimalist electronic music, blending "traditional hiplife from Ghana's coast with Detroit techno" and Western house styles, DJ Katapila is adept at keeping crowds on their feet and has thus meanwhile gathered international acclaim. In 2016, Australia's DAT Films set out to Accra to explore DJ Katapila's world as well as the local techno scene.

"Growing up in one of Accra’s toughest and loudest neighbourhoods, DJ Katapila’s love of music was shaped at an early age. Chanting and rapping in Twi and Ga, languages unique to Ghana, he educates through lessons he learnt on the streets and inspires change in a rapidly developing Ghana," the description reads. Best listen to DJ Katapila tell it in his own words, by watching the full short documentary below. You can also listen to one of his insane DJ sets via the SoundCloud player above.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom