Globalwize Radioshow #442

Listen To A New 'Reggae & Black Music' Special By WeltBeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet

You didn't think we'd leave you high and dry, did you? Today, we return with another brand-new instalment of WeltBeat host and selector Jean Trouillet's far-reaching Globalwize format on Frankfurt community radio X. What was initially going to be another reggae special alongside a studio guest, turned into a 'Reggae & Black Music' special featuring Trouillet going solo, presenting some of his favourite new and old favourites. Here's a quick rundown of what to [...]

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Best of Globalwize 2019

Revisit Yet Another Annual Best-Of Selection By WeltBeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet

For quite some time now, we've been working our way back through time, as we began archiving and posting WeltBeat host/selector Jean Trouillet's annual best of Globalwize picks via Greedio on Spotify. If you have been keeping up with our musical coverage, then you will know that we started with the year 1997 and have now worked our way to 2019. This means that we are almost up to date on these wonderful selections, which in turn fills us with pride and joy. [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #441

Listen To A Brand-New 'African Presence' Special With Studio Guests Hauke Dorsch And Ilija Trojanow
GreedyforBestMusic-Greedio-Globalwize-Radioshow-441-African Presence-Special-Hauke-Dorsch-Ilja-Trojanow-Radio-X-Weltbeat-Jean-Trouillet

Welcome back to another end-of-the-week special on Greedio as we revisit the latest 'African Presence' broadcast by Weltbeat host/selector Jean Trouillet and his studio guests Hauke Dorsch (African Music Archive) and Bulgarian-German writer Ilija Trojanow. Trojanow, who grew up in Kenya, has developed a deep love for African music and literature and, in this show, shares some of his impressive life story, while talking about his travels, encounters with [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #440

Listen To A New Instalment Of WeltBeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet's Far-Reaching Format

Get into the groove, went the lyrics by Madonna, and it does indeed feel like we're back on track here at Greedy for Best Music. Having shaken off the holiday fog, we are well underway and busy again, sharing extraordinary music from around the globe with you. As is WeltBeat host and selector Jean Trouillet, who follows up his most recent 'African Presence' special with DJ Horst Senegal with a brand-new instalment of his far-reaching Globalwize format on [...]

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Dub and Version

Start 2024 In Style W/ A Brand-New Instalment Of Daddy Discipline's 'Riddim Culture'

Hard to believe that we've almost gone a full year without a new instalment of Daddy Discipline's notorious "Riddim Culture" format. But looking back, we last uploaded his "Fire Burning" show our Greedio channel on Mixcloud in January of last year. Apologies for that. So here's to making up for the long wait as we present you a brand-new 120 minutes of finest "revive pearls dubwise and otherwise" retrieved from the radio X vaults for your and our listening [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #439

Listen To A WeltBeat 'African Presence' Special Featuring Selector Horst Senegal
GreedyforBestMusic-Greedio-Globalwize-Radioshow-439-African Presence-Special-Horst-Senegal-Radio-X-Weltbeat-Jean-Trouillet

Following the "Best of Globalwize 2023" radio show to bring the last year to a resounding close, WeltBeat selector and host Jean Trouillet resurfaces with a new edition of his far-reaching format on Frankfurt's community radio X, which just so happens to be another 'African Presence' special. The "Globalwize Radioshow #439" features two hours of music presented by Trouillet and studio guest DJ Horst Senegal and is now streaming exclusively via Greedio on [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #438

Weltbeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet Presents His 'Best Of 2023' Selection

With only nine days left until we transition into the new year – inşallah – it is due time we present you WeltBeat host and selector Jean Trouillet's annual best-of selection. Having already shared his 'best of 2023' reggae special two weeks ago, we now have the privilege of discovering Trouillet's top picks of the past year, originally aired on Frankfurt community radio X and now available to stream via Greedio on Mixcloud. So without further ado, here [...]

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Best of Globalwize 2018

Revisit Another Annual Best-Of Selection By WeltBeat Host & Selector Jean Trouillet

With all the end-of-the-year hubbub surrounding us at the moment, don't think we've forgotten to make another annual best-of selection available from the Globalwize vaults. As you likely know by now, each year, WeltBeat host and selector Jean Trouillet presents his favourite releases of that year in a special broadcast and has more recently begun archiving these selections via Greedio on Spotify for unlimited streaming enjoyment. As such, we've accompanied each [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #437

Listen To Weltbeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet's 'Best Of 2023' Reggae Special W/ Studio Guest Jack Sapphire

With just over three weeks to go until we wave goodbye to 2023, WeltBeat host and selector Jean Trouillet has been back at it, readying his annual best-of selections, presenting his favourite releases from this year as previously aired within the scope of his far-reaching Globalwize format. This year in particular, saw an increase in reggae selections, a genre very dear to Jean's heart. Which explains that the first instalment of his "Best of 2023" selections [...]

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Greedio X October '23

Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Music From Planet Earth And Beyond

With so much drama in the world right now, we almost forgot to post our antidote. Just as we prepare to head into December, we rushed to put together our favourite new releases and musical discoveries from the month of October for you. Yeah, it's confusing, but what's important is that we are back to deliver a hand-picked selection of 20 extraordinary tracks from Planet Earth and beyond. Brace yourselves for another eclectic playlist of gob-stopping tunes [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #436

Listen To An 'African Special' Talk & DJ Set Featuring Günter Gretz (Popular African Music)
GreedyforBestMusic-Greedio-Globalwize-Radioshow-436-African Presence-Special-Vintage-Soundsystem-Presents-Günter-Gretz-Radio-X-Weltbeat-Jean-Trouillet

On a cold and rainy day in late November, we return to one of our favourite, more recent formats here on Greedio, being the 'African Presence' specials hosted in collaboration with the African Music Archives (AMA) and the Institute of Ethnology and African Studies (ifeas) at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and aired within the far-reaching Globalwize scope on Frankfurt's radio X. Wow, that was a long sentence. In any case, this latest episode exceeds [...]

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Globalwize Radioshow #435

Listen To A Brand-New Instalment Of Weltbeat Host/Selector Jean Trouillet's Far-Reaching Radio Format

Only a few more weeks to go in 2023 and we still have so many quality productions to share with you. Today, we return with a another instalment of WeltBeat host and selector Jean Trouillet's far-reaching Globalwize broadcast on Frankfurt community radio X. Bringing us a wide range of current releases from around the globe, these selections are always a treasure trove of musical discoveries. So without further ado, here's a quick overview of the artists included [...]

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