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Globalwize Radioshow #441

25/01/2024Listen To A Brand-New 'African Presence' Special With Studio Guests Hauke Dorsch And Ilija Trojanow

Welcome back to another end-of-the-week special on Greedio as we revisit the latest 'African Presence' broadcast by Weltbeat host/selector Jean Trouillet and his studio guests Hauke Dorsch (African Music Archive) and Bulgarian-German writer Ilija Trojanow. Trojanow, who grew up in Kenya, has developed a deep love for African music and literature and, in this show, shares some of his impressive life story, while talking about his travels, encounters with musicians and how he founded the infamous Marino Verlag (publishing house), a hub for contemporary African authors.

The "Globalwize Radioshow #441" includes extraordinary music by the Bulgarian All Star Orchestra, iconic Bulgarian folk singer Nadka Karadjova,  Congolese musician Franco of TPOK Jazz fame and fellow Congolese-born musician Sam Mangwana as found on the three-volume "Golden Afrique" compilation series on Network Medien, the 'Lion of Zimbabwe' Thomas Mapfumo & The Blacks Unlimited, Tanzanian guitarist and singer Remmy Ongala taken from the CD accompanying the book "In Afrika: Mythos und Alltag" by Ilija Trojanow & Michael Martin via Marino Verlag, Tanzanian buskers Lameck & Juliette Chijumbi as recorded by Thomas Dorn for his book "Houn-Noukoun – Gesichter und Rhythmen Afrikas" via Marino Verlag, Zanzibar's Mila Na Utamduni taken from Ilija Trojanow's "Die Klänge des Weltensammlers" on Essay Recordings and, last but not least, the meanwhile globally acclaimed Tuareg collective Tinariwen.

You can stream the full show and interview below or relisten via Greedio on Mixcloud. Find the full tracklist here. Enjoy!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom