Greedio X October '23

28/11/2023Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of Extraordinary Music From Planet Earth And Beyond

With so much drama in the world right now, we almost forgot to post our antidote. Just as we prepare to head into December, we rushed to put together our favourite new releases and musical discoveries from the month of October for you. Yeah, it's confusing, but what's important is that we are back to deliver a hand-picked selection of 20 extraordinary tracks from Planet Earth and beyond. Brace yourselves for another eclectic playlist of gob-stopping tunes across a wide array of genres. The full selection is now streaming exclusively on Spotify via Greedio. Here's what to expect: 

Our "Greedio X October '23" lineup includes the likes of US electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani collaborating with French composer Jonathan Fitoussi on "Golden Apples of the Sun", idiosyncratic Swiss trio Die Weltraumforscher taken from the recent "Senza Decoro: Liebe + Anarchia / Switzerland 1980-1990" compilation by Mehmet Aslan, German visionary Erobique teaming up with Ghanaian Frafra vocalist Florence Adooni on "Mam Tola", Ecuadorian producer KAIFO with his postmodern Afro-Andean dancefloor experience (read more here), Tumaco’s rising young star Verito Asprilla joining forces with iconic local band Bejuco and producer Cerrero on "Verito de la perla", the Maloya-inspired sounds of Spanish producer Dj Click alongside Réunionnaise icon Christine Salem on "Mon rési", the two veterans of electronic music Pierre Bastien and Michel Banabila bringing their unique expertise to the table on "Baba Soirée", versatile German DJ and producer Romanski reworked by his American counterpart Mettabbana on "Karma Calling Remixes", Brussels-based junk jazz three-piece schroothoop presenting a track from their current album "MACADAM", Tel Aviv's special psych commando VuVuVu with their self-titled debut "VuVuVu", sensational Nigerian afrobeat twelve-piece Lagos Thugs from their four-track debut (read more here), Lyon-based DJ and electronic music composer Nessym with a welcome reissue of his debut full-length "Cannibal Comedy", new jazz-meets-rap project Perfektomat featuring German wordsmith Retrogott and Chilean MC Matiah Chinaski, Berlin's mind-blowing Moses Yoofee Trio with their debut neo-jazz mini-album "OCEAN", French free jazz/electro collective Asynchrone reimagining the repertoire of late Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto on "Plastic Bamboo", star of Brazil's new wave Ana Frango Elétrico with her Brazilian boogie album "Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua", late 90s/early 00s band Hanini from the north of France playing modern allaoui as now featured on the new "Maghreb K7 Club - Disco Singles Volume 2", Paris-based multidisciplinary artist Oko Ebombo with his long-awaited debut album "Free Emotion", rare late 80s reggae/dancehall heat as found on the now reissued "Pop Style" LP by Hugh Maddo and, last but not least, the spiritual jazz of the late Erni Clark and his sublime 1971 tune "By the Grace of God, I Am".

You can preview the full selection below or head directly to our Greedio channel on Spotify for the grand experience. Amen!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom