Globalwize Radioshow #436

24/11/2023Listen To An 'African Special' Talk & DJ Set Featuring Günter Gretz (Popular African Music)

On a cold and rainy day in late November, we return to one of our favourite, more recent formats here on Greedio, being the 'African Presence' specials hosted in collaboration with the African Music Archives (AMA) and the Institute of Ethnology and African Studies (ifeas) at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and aired within the far-reaching Globalwize scope on Frankfurt's radio X. Wow, that was a long sentence. In any case, this latest episode exceeds the two-hour mark and features an extraordinary individual, a true pioneer of African music that we are now glad to have included in our Greedy ranks. 

The "Globalwize Radioshow #436" is the essence of a live panel discussion and DJ presentation that took place earlier this month in Frankfurt, presented by Vintage Soundsystem. On stage, WeltBeat/Globalwize host Jean Trouillet and Dr. Hauke Dorsch, director of the aforementioned African Music Archive, welcome their very special guest. Last year, Günter Gretz celebrated his 80th birthday. Trained as a product designer at the legendary Ulm School of Design (the post-war Bauhaus, so to speak), he later applied his design talents to the construction of stereo and sound systems. From the 1980s onwards, he organised the import and distribution of African records as well as performances for artists from Africa. He also began producing artists from West Africa and releasing them on his Popular African Music imprint.

This 'African Presence' special thus features an extended talk with Günter Gretz sharing parts of his life story and illustrating how popular African music made it to Germany in the 1980s, interspersed with musical presentations. It also features an exclusive DJ set by Günter. The talk is in German, but we very much hope you can follow and enjoy Günter's selection. Now streaming exclusively in our Greedio channel on Mixcloud.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom