Greedio X September '23

19/10/2023Listen To Our Latest Monthly Selection Of 20 Extraordinary Tracks From Planet Earth

Our hearts are heavy these days as hate is on the rise. Too much grief, too much suffering, too much fear, too many killings, too many deaths. Yet again, we turn to music to lift our spirits and take a look back at the past month as well as the new releases and musical discoveries that it bestowed upon us. Our "Greedio X September '23" playlist is now available on Spotify to be streamed at your liking. Here's a quick overview of the artists included:

Our latest monthly selection includes extraordinary tunes by Brazilian singer-songwriter Dora Morelenbaum, Brazilian flutist Mariana Zwarg and German pianist Johannes von Ballestrem (read more here),  Stockholm-based Congolese guitarist Vumbi Dekula (read more here), Kenyan afro-funk groovers The Mighty Cavaliers (read more here), Nigerian MC Bassey Black, spiritual jazz outfit Web Web led by German rapper/producer Max Herre and Italian-German pianist Roberto Di Gioia, Munich-based multi-instrumentalist JJ Whitefield joining forces with Onom Agemo's Johannes Schleiermacher (read more here), versatile Puerto Rican native L.A.-based dub producer Pachyman, Croatian global groove psych project Nemanja aka Luka Šipetić, intergalactic French sound system Mazalda, Turkish bass guitarist, 'gurbetçi' and 'Lebenskünstler' Bahtiyar Taş, Haitian six-piece Chouk Bwa and Belgian production duo The Ångströmers, Amsterdam-based producer Rocky Marsiano with live drums by Alex Figueira, Austrian producer duo Mieux, the new project Ndox Electrique by François R. Cambuzat and Gianna Greco (also Ifriqiyya Electricque) recorded in Senegal, afro-Brazilian groove veterans Bixiga 70, Portuguese three-piece COLLIGNON, Trinidadian calypso, soca and parang artist M’BA Gary Thomasos and, last but not least, '80s French sophisti-pop group Maya.

Click below to preview the full selection or head straight to our Greedio channel on Spotify for more delightful and hand-picked audio content from around the globe. Peace!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom