Sonido Lava

02/05/2023Berlin Tropical Bass Pioneer Daniel Haaksman Returns With A Piping Hot New Longplayer

Berlin-based tropical bass pioneer, global bass connoisseur, Man Recordings label founder, DJ, producer, journalist and broadcaster Daniel Haaksman is no stranger to our humble editorial undertaking, starting with his 2016-released "African Fabrics" LP, blending traditional African genres with bass music styles from the northern hemisphere. Known for bringing Brazilian baile funk sounds to the Berlin club circuit in the early 2000s, Haaksman has always had an open ear for sounds hailing from the so-called Global South and the Afro-Latin diaspora – check his 2020-released "Black Atlantica Edits" – and, over the past decades, has ventured into several different genres to later incorporate in his open-minded, dancefloor-ready productions and add to his already highly diverse musical palette. 

Haaksman's brand-new full-length is simply titled "Sonido Lava" and digs deep into "Pan-Latin sounds ranging from Caribbean dembow rhythms to Brazilian guitarada surf sounds, rasteirinha beats from Rio de Janeiro to transglobal rumbas and salsa rave bombs." The album shines a light on contemporary styles from the South and Central American continent, juxtaposing intricate and highly inspired instrumental tracks with blazing vocal-led and global pop-infused compositions, featuring guest appearances by incendiary contributors the likes of Chilean artist MALAGÜERA, Andalusian outfit Çantamarta, Colombia's Los Bulldozer and Brazilian guitarist Felipe Cordeiro. The result is a lava field of exhilarating rhythms and layered bassplorations moving steadily with an unrelenting force, magnificently bewitching and naturally irresistible.

As with his previous releases, Haaksman's latest longplayer is more than meets the ear, the result of a underlying concept instead of just more radio fodder. "Sonido Lava" is a sonic reflection of our turbulent times: "The explosive eruption of a volcano and the slow, unstoppable flow of lava both symbolize the overwhelming power of nature, capable of wiping out entire communities and changing the landscape forever. At the same time, the creation of new land and the renewal of the earth through volcanic activity also symbolize the potential for rebirth and growth that often follows a crisis." Such is the ambiguous nature of this highly combustible full-length, setting cumbersome institutions and outdated preconceptions ablaze to spark innovation and establish a fertile breeding ground for newfound commonality.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom