Maracas, Tambourines & Other Hellish Things

31/10/2022Music With Soul's Alex Figueira Releases Spooky Short Film And Accompanying Soundtrack

With 'spooky fest' rapidly approaching, we decided it's due time we introduce you to Amsterdam-based multi-instrumentalist, DJ, record junkie and producer Alex Figueira's latest outing on his very own Music With Soul imprint. Also known as the "hardest working man in tropical music," Figueira recently dropped this original nine-track collection and "multi-layered kaleidoscopic musical ride" titled"Maracas, Tambourines and Other Hellish Things", a cinematic soundtrack accompanying a short film of the same name (which you can watch below). In fact, we can now add 'actor' to his impressive resumé, seeing as he also happens to be playing the main role.

The nine-minute film is sure to send the occasional shiver down your spine and that's not just sonically speaking. Shot around the Red Light District, Figueira plays the role of Ramón, an independent musician who runs the Vintage Voudou record store by day and works on his own music at night until interrupted in his daily musings by "an improbably encounter" with, well, let's say 'a fan'. This event puts his life in spin cycle and the accompanying score mirrors the abundance of emotions on display throughout. One could assume that Figueira is playing a role very similar to himself and that aforementioned 'fan' is none other than a major label exec offering to buy his musical soul in exchange for a heap of fame. 

We'll leave you to interpret that for yourselves. You may also be familiar with a couple of the tracks from previous releases. Either way, that shouldn't take away from this entertaining joint venture directed by Mateo Fava and Dave Postma. Click below for the full experience, i.e. the OST and the film itself. Happy Halloween everyone!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom