25/10/2022Monsieur Doumani's Antonis Antoniou Presents His Full-Length Of 'Novel Psychsounds From Cyprus'

Big sounds coming from the island of Cyprus once again, produced by none other than the mastermind behind groundbreaking and award-winning outfits such as Monsieur Doumani and Trio Tekke, Antonis Antoniou. Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed 2021-released debut solo album "Kkismettin", the extraordinarily skilled composer, sound artist, producer and unconventional collector of experiences returns to Ajabu! Records with another adventurous full-length, presenting a new assortment of "novel psych sounds" from his Mediterranean enclave.

Already named "Top of the World" album by the reputable Songlines Magazine, we couldn't help but follow suit and heap our praise on this impressive follow-up exploration of the woes of the modern capitalist era. "Throisma", which translates to 'rustling' in Antoniou's native Cypriot Greek is described as "a poetic reflection on existentialism, calling for a spiritual awakening, and a neglect towards the 'Skárta dóra' (useless gifts) imposed by capitalist structures and evil bodies that aim to keep our minds and souls in custody. He asks: 'What are the things that keep our souls from rustling?'"

Slightly dystopic in its approach and borderline ominous in terms of its sonic make-up, the album is no doubt a product of these sinister times and yet contains an indescribable warmth. Such was the sensation that spread through our nervous system, when immersing ourselves in its hypnotic depths, intently following each twist and turn, engaging in the abundance of original sounds, pulsating, energising, alive. One of the album's most refreshing aspects might very well be its boundless creativity and versatility, interweaving a multitude of organic styles and diverse influences.

The nine pieces on "Throisma" are bound to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. They "exist in a psychedelic/dubby sonic world with a strong Eastern Mediterranean aroma, and enriched with heavily-filtered tzouras (small bouzouki) lines, fuzzy bass riffs, dirty analogue synth tones and hypnotic floor tom grooves," the release notes detail. Which might give you an idea of what to expect, but there is genuinely more to it from a sensory standpoint. That being said, just follow your gut, trust your spiritual guard rails, rustle up your innate joie de vivre and everything should be okay. The moment is now.

You can stream the full album and watch the companion video to the title track below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom