Upside Down Mountain

30/09/2022Israeli Acoustic Bass Guitarist Yosef-Gutman Levitt Releases Atmospheric First Trio Recording

Life with all its ups and downs is a beautiful experience nonetheless and all things considered, we couldn't have one without the other. At the tail end of yet another busy week, as we slowly pack up our things and prepare to head home for the weekend, we look forward to having some time to unwind and enjoy some downtime on our own or with our loved ones. And with that in mind, we would like to share the brand-new album by Jerusalem-based acoustic bass guitarist and composer/improviser Yosef-Gutman Levitt with you. 

"Upside Down Mountain" is his first trio recording and finds him sharing the studio space with Omri Mor on piano and Ofri Nehemya on drums. As Levitt puts it, the album title refers to "a story of a love so great, it's as if a mountain is being held over our heads that at any time could be dropped – a love that's compelling and leaves no room for even a shadow of a doubt." And indeed, this 'love supreme' is reflected in every note of his "simple, direct, endlessly expressive melodies" and compositions.

Leading the way on his acoustic bass guitar, "Levitt plays with a striking clarity and resolve," while Mor, "with his emotional intelligence and organic apprehension of style, offers hints of Moroccan-Andalusian vocabulary, at times even [making] the piano sound like a kora" and Nehemya "brings a musical maturity and vital sense of minimalism to the project" in a magical display of advanced chemistry. 

Mastering the art of improvisation in its highest form, Levitt apparently drew up the blueprint to "Upside Down Mountain" in one go, playing “whatever flowed freely from my heart without thinking, editing or perfecting. I got my sound recorder ready and improvised for a few minutes, caught something, recorded it, named it. After a few hours I had material for an album and I sent it to my co-producer Gilad Ronen, who made sense of it.” 

Essentially, this twelve-track spiritual venture into contemporary jazz is an intimate, sincere and unexaggerated exploration of the musical self. Wonderfully picturesque and atmospheric, it is a welcome companion to any personal unwinding, soul-searching or centering that needs to be done. As the musicians take turns at taking their time, ideas unfold like petals on a flower and take flight, seeking out a higher truth. You can now stream the full longplayer and watch the equally mesmerising video to "Wedding Song" below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom