13/09/2022Siberian Multi-Instrumentalist Misha Sultan Readies Lucid Esoteric Two-Sider On Patience

Rarely do we review the same artist in such a short period of time, but in this case we simply could not resist. Currently based in Kaş, Turkey, Siberian artist Misha Sultan released his versatile eight-tracker "Roots" on Hive Mind Records back in May and now returns to Patience with a "twin set of deeply mystic shapeshifters." His current outing is entitled "Translucence" and is nothing short of visionary.

On the A-side we find "Not Every Lake Dreams Of Being A Magic Swamp" inviting listeners on an 18-minute, no doubt esoteric excursion into the cosmic undergrowth, guided by humoresque sound bites, laid-back percussive patterns, enthusiastic organ sounds and the wailing sounds of a flute floating up ahead, slowly building up to a transcendental release with hypnotic regularity. On the B-side "When Barong Met The Nordic Curandero He Was Surprised" gets listeners wrapped up in the otherworldly sounds of a gamelan with clockwork precision. Cacophonous at first, your ears will quickly adapt to the arcane ensemble's pulsating instrumentation, wafting through space and time, yet oddly grounded, as the sound of rain drops transport you back to the present, where a snake charmer awaits, ready to take it away. 

Experimenting with sounds is one thing, but Misha Sultan's compositions, though clearly leftfield and psychedelic, remain gorgeously accessible and melodic, able to inspire at any moment. As such, "Translucence" offers a glimpse into higher states of consciousness, without getting tied up in meaningless mumbo-jumbo. Instead, one might liken the experience to a lucid dream, providing some much needed clarity in confusing times. You can now settle in and stream the full release below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom