Amor (É Revolução)

15/06/2022Global Bass Pioneer Maga Bo Dives Deep Into Afro-Brazilian Soundscapes On Entrancing New Full-Length

Love is revolution. Such is the borderline philosophical title to producer, percussionist, DJ and global bass pioneer Maga Bo's latest full-length "Amor (É Revolução)" released on his own label Kaxambu Records a few weeks backs and presenting the emphatic outcome of a long-standing and ongoing exploration into Afro-Brazilian music. Marking his first solo album in a decade, Maga Bo does not hold back, presenting ten original compositions along with eleven multifarious remixes and collaborations. 

Born in the US, Maga Bo became a naturalised citizen of Brazil in the late 1990s and garnered international acclaim as a producer on top tier labels such as Ninja Tune, Tru Thoughts, ZZK, Soundway and many more. On "Amor (É Revolução)", the world traveler and ethnomusicologist digs deep into the root system of Brazil's rich and complex musical heritage, unearthing and rephrasing contemporary interpretations of ancient traditions, their common ancestor being the drum.

Collaborating with an impressive "cast of singers, musicians and percussionists, contemporary and traditional, from [the country's] north and south, [...] Maga Bo reconnects with some of the artists he worked with on his 2012-released album 'Quilombo Do Futuro', [but also] forges new connections [with key modern-day protagonists]" on the Brazilian music circuit. Providing fertile breeding ground for a veritable onslaught of Afro-Brazilian rhythms and chants, his productions create a dense thicket of sounds that is nothing short of entrancing.

"Amor (É Revolução)" is all about channeling energy and building spiritual connections that transcend mundane dancefloor ambitions. And, as the title suggests, there is indeed more to it: "To love is an action and conscious decision that embraces the transitory nature of life and recognises that all is energy in transition, from micro to macrocosmic, always in revolution," Maga Bo explains. An approach that "could well serve as a conceptual veneer for both Brazil and the world's ills in this moment," the liner notes proceed to point out.

Either way, this 21-track collection of hyperrealistic yet equally metaphysical soundscapes is a true work of heart as well as musical force to be reckoned with. You can stream/buy the full release via the Bandcamp player below.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom