Lowrider Kumbias

07/06/2022San Jose's Turbo Sonidero Releases Intoxicating Cumbia- & Soul-Infused Eight-Track Stunner On Discos Rolas

Just a quick newsflash that this new eight-track joyride of a release is out there and currently oozing through our stereo. Straight outta San Jose, California, the somewhat enigmatic producer, excavator and refurbisher of quality latin sounds Turbo Sonidero dropped his "Lowrider Kumbias" on limited cassette/vinyl via L.A.-based imprint Discos Rolas back in March and, thanks to a recent post on Instagram by Santa Ana's CUMBIAS, we too are now in the know. 

Little seems written about this ingenious blend of samples and styles, but its effect is nothing short of intoxicating. Turbo Sonidero has clearly raided the crates, digging up all sorts of musical gold and melodic trim to create a unique genre of 'kumbia obscura', forging Cumbia-infused beats, or might we call them hydraulic carriages, blinged out with loads of soulful shine, hiphop verve and irresistible bounce for the barrio. Celebrating Californian lowrider and Mexican/Colombian sonidero sound system culture in one, "Lowrider Kumbias" is built to strut its stuff.

Needless to say, this one hit the sweet spot, like a comet from outer space hailing from a parallel galaxy or simply planet Nguzunguzu? You tell us... Listen to the full release via the player below and let us know what you think. ¡Dios Mío!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom