17/05/2022Siberian Multi-Instrumentalist Misha Sultan Releases Ambient Collection Of Neo-Utopian Compositions On Hive Mind Records

Aural enclaves have been a thing these days, as we try to regain our sanity amidst all this madness. We realised that we've had quite a few so-called ambient releases on the blog lately and the current onslaught of bad news might just be a reason. Either way, while looking for new musical grounds to cover, we stumbled on this multi-dimensional gem by Siberian multi-instrumentalist and producer Misha Sultan that recently surfaced on Brighton's Hive Mind Records in digital/cassette form and is graced by exquisite, seemingly hand-painted ornithological artwork.

"Roots" is the name of this versatile eight-track journey to a better place, combining a plethora of multi-coloured bits and pieces, skilfully melded together to become more that just another run-of-the-mill downtempo sojourn. What we have here is a "collection of recordings made between 2015 and 2022, [serving] as an introduction to Misha's unique sound, which appropriates elements of Eurasian folk music, psychedelia, 90's chill-out, breakbeat, dub, and field recording to produce something stunning and singular", the description reads.

Originally from Novosibirsk, Misha Sultan's cosmic compositions resemble a neo-utopian dream of sorts, boasting a powerful tropical allure. Far from bric-a-brac, the breathing, pulsating and no-doubt vibrant pieces on "Roots" go to show just how complex and layered modern-day claims of cultural identity, heritage and a sense of belonging actually are. The artist himself was suddenly forced to leave his home behind and resettle abroad, when you-know-who decided to invade Ukraine earlier this year. As such, the term "Roots" presumably alludes to an intimate reflection of both past influences and future promise.

You can stream/buy the full release below. Note that all money from digital sales will go directly to the artist. Oh and if you didn't already have this man on your radar, do check out his 2020-released album "The Red Fern Road" while you're at it.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom