19/06/2019Wah Wah 45s Release Boundary-Crossing Collaboration Album To Fund School In North Ghana

We're happy to finally announce a special collaboration album released a few weeks ago on "genre-defying" London-based record label Wah Wah 45s and featuring Ghanaian xylophone master Isaac Birituro alongside the Leeds-based producer/singer/songwriter Sonny Johns, also know as The Rail Abandon. That's not to say they hadn't given us a fair warning with their first two singles "Yesu Yan Yan" and "Für Svenja” – the latter instantly sparking our germanophone interest. As we later found out, the project was made possible with the help of Tim Becker,  Svenja Albers and the Rüt'n'Rock Festival team, that has been raising money for over a decade now to support projects in Africa, namely in the North Ghanaian town of Kalba. 

But back to the "boundary-crossing duo" of Isaac and Sonny and this remarkable album project. What brought the two together was their innate "desire to hear the usual done unusually and play with the shared influence of the music from afar." As an album, "Kalba" stands for a lot more than the town where Isaac resides. It represents "the combination of differences" and emphasises "the importance of community, of preserving and presenting local cultures, the ardent desire to contribute to changing the world around us and, of course, the love and power of music created from a genuine place." 

Isaac and Sonny bring their individual backgrounds, experiences and stories to musical fruition on an album that makes for a great listen and also features contributions by the likes of Seb Rochford, Leafcutter John, Raph Clarkson, and Elliot Galvin. You can stream/buy the 10 tracks on "Kalba" via Bandcamp. Part of the proceeds will be used to fund the building of a school in Kalba. Visit the This is Kalba website for more information.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom