Slavic Spirits

11/06/2019Polish Jazz Septet EABS Teams Up With Tenderlonious On New Contemporary Jazz Album

Hailing from the city of Wrocław, Polish seven-piece EABS (Electro Acoustic Beat Sessions) just released a new full-length of original material. Two years after their well-received debut album "Repetitions (Letters to Krzysztof Komeda)", paying homage to Polish Jazz legend Krzysztof Komeda, the group continues their free and spirited approach to "blending traditional Polish Jazz with sounds from other genres, thus creating a new and personal interpretation of modern jazz. EABS have created their unique compositions by employing an approach exercising the idea of 'reconstruction from deconstruction' where sampling and looping are merged with jazz improvisations." 

On "Slavic Spirits", EABS set out "in search of Slavic melancholy" and are joined by none other than London producer, "saxophone renegade and flute enthusiast" Tenderlonious: "The material is an attempt to radically break out of the status quo of national mythology which currently steers the collective imagination of the Polish society. The musicians turned to Slavic mythology and Polish demonology, while pondering upon the contemporary spiritual condition of Poles. [...] Slavic Spirits is an endeavour to get in touch with the world of a long- and brutally lost culture which, due to lack of sources, will never be thoroughly explored."

This also explains the album titles, i.e. "Ciemność" (Darkness) to "Przywitanie Słońca" (Sun Worship). Head over to Bandcamp for the full 44-minute experience that is "Slavic Spirits", a brilliantly atmospheric, somewhat challenging yet highly engaging tour de force in the spirit of jazz. Out now on Astigmatic Records

EABS are
Marek Pędziwiatr (Nordiska Bambino piano, Fender Rhodes MKII, Minimoog Voyager, Crumar Performer, Physharmonica E. Krauss Stuttgard, Korg Polysix, Roland DC-30 analog chorus echo)
Marcin Rak (drums)
Vojto Monteur (electric guitar) 
Paweł Stachowiak (bass guitar) 
Spisek Jednego (percussion, sound fx) 
Olaf Węgier (tenor saxophone) 
Jakub Kurek (trumpet)
Tenderlonious (flute, soprano saxophone)

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom