Shik Shak Shok

30/04/2019A 24/7 Webradio Reconnecting Us With The Golden Age Of Arab Music

Moving right along, we bring you yet another great initiative from the Mediterranean Basin, aka Shik Shak Shok, a webradio or rather "the first online radio dedicated to fostering golden age of Arab music." Shik Shak Shok is the brainchild of Lebanese-born/Paris-based producer Hadi Zeidan and features an eclectic 24/7 live mix of Arab grooves, including jazz, funk, disco, tarab and of course bellydance. 

Founded in 2018, Shik Shak Shok has also accumulated several worthwhile guest mixes or #ShikTakeovers over the past months by the likes of Khan El Rouh, Dar Disku, Cheb Gero, Disco Arabesquo, Victor Kiswell, Fortuna Records and Toukadime, which you can listen to via SoundCloud. We've decided to feature the latest mix by Rouen-based radio Toukadime, which has been doing a phenomenal job of representing the Maghreb musical heritage in its own right.

You can listen to Toukadime's mix via the SoundCloud player above. Or just head over to for a heavy dose of Arabic and neo-Arabic grooves. We're loving it!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom