11/04/2019Munich-Based Jazz Quintet Fazer Release Blissfully Stunning Sophomore Album

Their self-released 2018 debut was an absolute sensation and quickly sold out on vinyl, while "Mara" went on to become one of the most streamed jazz albums of the year. And rightfully so. The Munich-based jazz quintet's organic sound thrives on spacious arrangements, as they move freely and effortlessly between composition and improvisation, producing beautiful melodies over polyrhythmic drum patterns and dubby basslines. 

Mathias Lindermayr (trumpet), Paul Brändle (guitar), Martin Brugger (bass), Simon Popp (drums) and Sebastian Wolfgruber (drums) met as jazz students at the Munich Academy for Music and Theatre (Akademie für Musik und Theater) and decided to create their own, rich tapestry of sounds, drawing from a wide range of influences, including British pop/post-rock formation Talk Talk, Berlin techno-duo Rhythm & Sound and experimental US rock group Tortoise, as well as Fela Kuti, Indonesian Gamelan and classical music from India. 

Fazer's second album releases today and is entitled "Nadi", a term from traditional Indian medicine, describing the channels through which energies flow and connect at special points of intensity called chakras. As do the new album's eight tracks, recorded in London in just four days by Benedict Landin (Nostaligia 77). Though slower in pace than "Mara", "Nadi" is nonetheless blissfully stunning. Fazer's creativity seems boundless. Their music is at once sophisticated and accessible and quite simply a pleasure to listen to.

Watch the 'offishal' music video to album track "Wasi" below, directed by Johannes Brugger, or head over to Bandcamp to buy/stream "Nadi" in full. 

Fazer live
May 14th D-Cologne, Artheater
May 16th D-Berlin, Kantine am Berghain
May 17th D-Leipzig, Moritzbastei
May 18th D-Munich, Ampere

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom