Beautiful Egypt

23/01/2016A Rump-Shaking Mix Of Rarities From Cairo To The Nubian Desert

Self-proclaimed purveyors of "Global Eclectic Supersounds", the Radio Martiko soundsystem is on a worldwide mission of digging up exotic, lesser-known tunes on vinyl and playing them out live. Last year the Belgian collective of DJs and diggers added a record label to the mix and began furnishing quality re-issues from the vaults.

They are not, as one might assume, a radio station. However, they do have a string of equally fresh mixtapes under their belt, including this latest selection entitled "Masr Ya Gamil!", which translates to "Beautiful Egypt". Featuring two hours of oriental rump-shaking rarities off the streets of Cairo, the original vinyl mix contains "Egyptian music only from the 60s and 70s [...], a surprising trip from the flirting streets of Alexandria to the gypsies of Luxor and the Nubian desert", tracklist included.

You can play the mix from our player above. Enjoy!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom