Buttering Trio

28/12/2015A Tel Aviv Three-Piece Putting The "Oy" In Voyage

Anybody familiar with the Tel Aviv or Berlin underground music scene will probably be familiar with the Raw Tapes imprint, home to a host of local beat scene-affiliated artists, the likes of Cohenbeats, Sol Monk, Mo Rayon or the ever so promising Buttering Trio, featuring multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter KerenDun, the producer Rejoicer (Bajka a.o.) and bassist Beno Hendler (Balkan Beat Box).

Having released their tremendous debut LP “Toast” back in 2013, the trio recently returned with an “outer-space Hebrew” rework of their trippy track “Voyage”. Listen closely from the SoundCloud player above and let their undeniable groove lead the way. This is literally quite far out!

Also, here's their Boiler Room performance:

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom