Echo & Tito

25/11/2015Tel Aviv's Infernal Duo Reveals Its Inner Bastard

What could arguably be mistaken as Disney's latest infernal duo actually is a sizzling two-piece, but of flesh and blood. Echo & Tito hail from Tel Aviv’s vibrant musical underground scene, bringing to the table a heavy mix of ethnic backgrounds and genre-defying styles of bass music, masterfully blended with electronic dub, hiphop, trip hop and glitch elements as well as soaring vocals.

Echo, alias Echo Morgenstern, the singer/MC and Tito, alias Tom Iddan, the sonic explorer: Together they bring to the stage a massive and equally explosive synergy of deeply resonating soundscapes. Following in the footsteps of their 2013 debut LP “Into The Out”, the two now reveal their latest offering, charmingly entitled “The Bastard”, challenging our perception of society.

After a summer of national and personal upheaval in 2014, Echo & Tito needed some time away to manage the depth of emotions raging inside them. “The Bastard” summons our inner darkness through merciless basslines and fierce lyrical flows in a “mesmerising modern interpretation of ethnic ancient sounds”. But listen for yourself, take a deep look inside and see who or what you find.

Here's the video to their first new single “Yalla”:

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom