20/10/2015Polka For Punks

Take a closer look at Tel Aviv's burgeoning underground music scene and you will come to discover a host of promising acts, currently redefining Israel's musical landscape in their own sweet way. Among the most promising acts of this generation is MALOX.

Uber-talented reed player Eyal Talmudi and mega-drummer Roy Chen's two-man instrumental outfit blends elements from Klezmer, Jazz and more, in a wide array of warm, round and distorted sounds, "from Balkan motives to cat's wailing. A crazy yet fascinating act."

Their 2008-released free download debut album "One Day" was created from melodies and beats improvised in the studio and recorded in NYC, while their equally progressive 2012 follow-up LP "Polka For Punks" was recorded and mixed by none other than Balkan Beat Box drummer and producer Tamir Muskat in Tel Aviv.

MALOX's music is raw in feel, but carried by "virtuoso musicianship, danceable yet complex compositions and energy that can move mountains - only two people on stage! Moving from folk to prog, back to improv and catchy tunes, MALOX will convince even the most conformist listener that all the rest is redundant".

Sax, bag pipes, clarinet and drums, what more do you need?

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom