Habibi Funk

15/10/2015Funky Vinyl Music From The Arab World

Seeing as 'habibi' is a word too seldom heard these days, we decided it's time we shared the tremendous Habibi Funk episodes hand-selected and compiled by Jakarta Records' main man Jannis, who did his digging on his numerous travels to North Africa and Tunisia in particular:

“While being there, I did some digging and found some incredible music from the ’60s and ’70s. Some of the music in [...] has zero info on the Net, was never sold on eBay, and has not been ‘rediscovered’ yet. Others are somewhat classics in the field of ‘Arabic groove’."

After Habibi Funk Volume 001 featured a re-release of Tunisian band Dalton, Volume 002 covers musical excavations from Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, and Syria. Volume 003 features tunes from Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, while the recently released Volume 004 presents Egyptian funk covers (James Brown!) and disco from Algeria and Morocco as well as "a killer Tunisian tune that’s a nice mix of modern soul and poppy reggae", says the man himself.

Tip of the hat to Jannis for his brilliant and necessary finds and to all our habibi's out there we say, "keep with the funk!"

// quotes via Wax Poetics.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom