Not Forgotten

23/09/2015Cambodia's Lost Rock And Roll

On our global search for extraordinary material, we recently stumbled upon this sublime documentary on Cambodia's emerging music scene during the 60's and 70s, creating a sound clearly composed of Western influences yet distinctly their own:

"Cambodian musicians crafted this sound from the various rock music styles sweeping, America, England and France, adding the unique melodies and hypnotic rhythms of their traditional music. The beautiful singing of their renowned female vocalists became the final touch that made this mix so enticing."

Up until the moment when a raging Vietnam war at the country's borders, followed US bombs and the brutal rule of the Khmer Rouge ripped the country and its culture to shreds that is.

"If you want to eliminate values from past societies, you have to eliminate the artists. Because artists are influential. Artists are close to the people."

John Pirozzi's amazing film sheds light on a time, when Cambodia's soul was revealed through its incredible music.

Watch the trailer below or head over to the official website for more information on "Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock And Roll".

The soundtrack is available via Dust-to-Digital. While this short clip shares a glimpse of a 2014 exhibition in Phnom Penh, showing prints of the Cambodian record covers used in the film.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom