04/09/2015Mbongwana Star Airs Trippy New Video

If you've been following our journal from the start you will remember our previous enthusiastic post about Congolese supergroup Mbongwana Star, pushing forth their breathtakingly vibrant debut album "From Kinshasa" and their special electronic blend of space dub, afro-punk, club sounds.

Well, they are back with a wickedly trippy video to their album track "Nganshé", which draws you in like a bad dream: A voodoo-step version of Kraftwerk’s “The Model”, channeled through Google’s ‘DeepDream’-generator or simply a night-time tale from the streets of Kinshasa. Directed by their guitarist and producer Liam Farrell alias Doctor L, you need to see this with your own eyes to believe it. Don't sleep!

The seven-piece outfit is about start their European. You can find in the tour section on their website.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom