the dead brothers

The Dead Brothers

24/08/2015Smiling Death In The Face

Drawing frequent comparisons with a certain Tom Waits, the charismatic Alain Croubalian founded his band The Dead Brothers back in 1999, while based in Geneva, as a sort of musico-intellectual outlet allowing him and his fellow nomadic companions to continuously smile death in the face. In an often dramatic mise-en-scène, centred in the circus of life, the self-proclaimed funerary band stages an intense yet intriguing blend of folk, country, blues and punk music, streaked with Balkan influences. Often assisted by the so-called Dead Brothers Sweet String Orchestra, Croubalian and his band of mere mortals continuously urge their listeners to reconsider that “Death Is Not The End”.

Meanwhile Croubalian, part of the ever-travelling Armenian diaspora himself, has created a film retracing the roots of his own existence, “a geographical, historical and psychological journey into one man's mind and into the collective consciousness of a troubled country and its people”. You can watch the trailer, donate and support the movie here.

Also, see the band spill out into the open space during a gig in Athens below. With the Dead Brothers as with death itself, you never quite know what to expect.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom