GreedyforBestMusic-Jossi Reich-Ronni Boiko-Deutschlandradio Kurlur-(c) Maurice Wojach

"Home? Between The Legs Of My Wife"

09/08/2015The Jewish Monkeys On German National Radio

If you are familiar with the Jewish Monkeys mindset and their seemingly carefree, provocative, or rather thought-provoking, politically incorrect approach to basically everything that is politically incorrect, then this interview, which aired on German national radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur in April, will be to your liking. Though you will need to speak German to understand, what is being said.

Ronni Boiko and Jossi Reich sat down with host Oliver Schwesig to discuss their current debut album “Mania Regressia”, their difficulties in getting the controversial Jewish Monkeys moniker officially registered as a trademark, as well as their particular brand of diaspora-humour. When asked, “Berlin, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, where do you guys feel at home?”, Jossi delivered the quick-witted response: “For me, at home is between the legs of my wife”.

Ronni then continued to sum up the band’s essence: “We want to make music that catches people off guard, also lyrically. Nothing too conventional, nothing people have already heard and no traditional Klezmer music, which is part of the past, music that has already been written. Our approach then is to create something that is obviously in line with our Jewish roots, but also reveals modern day influences from all of our everyday lives. […] We like to surprise people.”

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom