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Kenaro Narvalo

30/07/2015Aälma Dili Drink It Up

These ‘crazy souls’ can definitely hold their drink. Watching their latest video, it’s almost like we’ve all been there before and can relate to some extent. After a booze-tinged night on the town, a raucous band of friends meets back at their neighbourhood bar in the wee morning hours to keep the spirits high and see their buddy off in worthy, celebratory fashion. “Kenavo Narvalo”, or ‘goodbye crazy one’, is the latest track by this good-humoured, four-piece outfit off their brand new opus “Fush Fush”, released via Sonore Libre. Hailing from the fabled, rough-and-tumble East Paris suburbs and armed with two violins, a guitar and doublebass Aälma Dili bring to the stage their own energetic brand of ‘Balkan Power Musika’, naturally inspired by a blend of ‘svadba’ wedding tunes, world music and Gypsy joie de vivre. The high-proof video was shot by none other than Colombian photographer and master of long exposure Emanuel Rojas. Talking about long exposure: “If you want a polka, drink some vodka / If you want sirtaki, drink some raki!”

Hear them jamming live in the player up above.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom