04/08/2015South Africa's Niche Streaming Service

Cape Town, RSA – Building on the idea that "niche doesn't necessarily mean small", entrepreneur Catherine Lückhoff is currently in the midst of creating a niche oriented music streaming service to cater to the more particular musical demands of like-minded individuals across the globe. While streaming juggernauts the likes of Spotify, Pandora or more recently Apple Music fail to take full advantage of such often overlooked, yet equally important segments of specific musical tastes, NicheStreem plans to take a strictly local approach to multiple smaller markets, offering more exotic yet clearly defined genres such as "Highlife" (Afro-pop) or "Naija" gospel. The platform's first spinoff app Liedjie for example features South African artists only, thereby focussing on the Afrikaans market. This is exciting news for music lovers around the world hoping to stream content actually curated to their liking. Let's see how this plays out.


AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom