The Traveller

30/10/2015Senegal's Baaba Maal Readies Eleventh Album

For over two decades now, Senegal's iconic singer and guitarist Baaba Maal has been one of the driving forces on the global music scene, having released several albums on independent as well as major labels.

Much to the delight of his many fans across the world, the master himself recently announced his new album and shared the trailer to the upcoming documentary on his Blues du Fleuve festival, to take place again in December:

"Beginning with a spectacular procession of flag-draped boats on the Senegal river, Blues du Fleuve, though still relatively unknown outside the region, is revealed as one of Africa's most visually and musically compelling spectacles."

Fittingly entitled "The Traveller", Baaba's eagerly awaited eleventh album was produced by The Very Best's Johan Hugo, combining influences rooted in African tradition with Western electronic elements.

"I have been travelling for more than twenty years with my band, all over the world. And when someone travels, no one can stop him from watching or listening and learning. So why not share it? The best thing that I can do is music and I believe in the power of music."

"The Traveller" will be released on January 15th, 2016. Listen to "Gilli Men" above and watch the already impressive, above-mentioned trailer below.

At the start of next year, Baaba Maal will be playing live in Berlin on January 13th and Hamburg on January 14th.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom