Thai Funk Essentials

26/11/2015High-Flying Texas Three-Piece Khruangbin Compiles A Mix Of Psych Rarities

On a recent stroll through the worldwide web we stumbled upon the up and coming Texas three-piece Khruangbin (meaning 'airplane' in Thai). Inspired by the obscure 1960s and 70s Thai funk recordings found on the notorious Monrakplengthai blog as well as Tarantino soundtracks, surf-rock sessions and groundbreaking space jazz explorations, the trio set out to find and define its own spiritual soundscapes in a barn on the Texan countryside.

Their recently released debut LP “The Universe Smile Upon You” features a wide array of dreamy, organic sounds, grounded in wayfaring basslines and psychedelic instrumental episodes with rare and beautiful vocal occurences.

However, for this post, we would like to focus on their high-flying 30-minute mix of 'Thai Funk Essentials', which they compiled for The Vinyl Factory, including a track-by-track commentary, which you can find here. Get ready to go into orbit!

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom