A Ramirez Christmas

17/12/2015'Tis The Season Of Fraternal Merrymaking (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Wait, what have we here? An Israeli band delivering masterfully soulful covers of classic American Christmas tunes? You better believe it:

This Americana-tinged, Psycho-Punk, Power-Rockabilly band of brothers has thus far managed to elude all attempts at being pigeonholed. Their regular appearances on the Tel Aviv boardwalk have become somewhat of a cult happening on the local scene, ranging from “a transcendental experience” to “a boost of energy straight to the vain”.

No doubt about it, The Ramirez Brothers are dressed to impress. After hundreds of international shows including two acclaimed studio albums and a pair of cover EPs, the three ubertalented siblings, alias Uzi Ramirez (guitar & vocals), Sefi Ramirez (trumpet) and Eitan “Kitkit” Ramirez (drums) are now set to release their upcoming longplayer “Octopus Yoga”, a testimony to their years of creative collaboration, expressive groove and special brand of musical humour.

But before we get ahead of ourselves and seeing as it is after all the holiday season, we would like to resurface their exquisite “A Ramirez Christmas” EP, available on Bandcamp as a free download. Join The Ramirez Brothers for six super suave covers of timeless festive classics the likes of “Jingle Bells”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” and of course the soothing “Silent Night”.

Rest assured, X-mas will never be the same again. Let it snow, as they say in the Levant.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom