Monkey Business

07/12/2015The Jewish Monkeys Make A Musical Statement

In what can only be described as one of the very unfortunate and equally threatening side-effects of the current European refugee crisis, the anti-immigrant and anti-muslim incitement of the German-born Pegida movement has quickly gained ground with its polarising rhetoric, even spreading to other countries within less than a year.

'Enough of this monkey business', said the Jewish Monkeys and visited Dresden last October, while in Germany as part of their "Global Warming Tour 2015", for a show of solidarity and a series of performances promoting love and unity in place of fear and hate.

Below you can find the video recap of their show, playing from a trailer to an energised crowd of supporters. Part 2 also shows the uglier side of the protests, namely right wing protesters clashing with police. But then again, as Jossi Reich put it: "We should actually be grateful to Pegida for bringing together so many good people and friendly faces in one spot. So thank you, you pricks!"

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom