The Legacy

06/01/2016A Vintage Documentary On The Late But Legendary Rico Rodriguez

Among the many great musicians, who passed away in 2015 was the legendary and expressive trombonist Rico Rodriguez. Dave Katz wrote a comprehensive obituary for FACT Magazine, giving insight to the pioneering Jamaican/British ska artist, who worked with The Specials among others:

“As his career progressed, he yielded impressive hybrids that melded ska, jazz, reggae and the niyabinghi music of Rastafari, which affected a wide and diverse audience around the world.”

Though musically trained, Katz underlines Rico’s rather “uncommon and instinctive nature of playing” and shares this quote from a former interview:

“I don’t play trombone like a trombonist, I play trombone like saxophone. I really never studied the trombone technique, and maybe if I studied the trombone technique, I wouldn’t be so popular; I would have been sounding like one of the other technicians. Because I don’t play with that amount of technique—it’s more soul feeling.”

Watch this vintage 25 min. documentary on Rico Rodriguez entitled “The Legacy”:

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom