Turkish Delight

18/03/2016Belgium's Radio Martiko Return With An All-Vinyl Selection Of Turkish Treats

After delivering a jawdropping mix of vinyl rarities from Beautiful Egypt back in January, Belgium's token purveyors of 'global eclectic supersounds' return to the 1's and 2's to spotlight a festive selection of Turkish tunes from the 60s-80s. Just to be clear, this is not your average pseudo-nostalgic, folkloric post-colonialist , Western-centric compilation of supposedly exotic sounds. Instead, Radio Martiko line up a host of tracks straight from the 'meyhane' or winehouse "with a focus on Greek and Turkish Tavern style, storming instrumental belly dance and electro bağlama rockers", alias 'çiftetelli'.

This mix (featuring artists the likes of Zerrin Zeren, Kamuran Akkor, Gülcan Opel, Hayko, Şakir Öner, Yildiray Çinar, Esin Engin, Handan Kara and many more) is best consumed with some fresh mezze and a glass of raki, aka lion's milk, if you can stay in your seat that is. Şerefe!

Click here to read what Radio Martiko's Fred Kramer had to say about this mix.

AUTHOR: Lev Nordstrom